About me

Hi beautiful people.

My name is Jasmin and I am 20-year-old girl. I live in Finland but I hope that I am able to move somewhere else one day. I just graduated as practical nurse, but I am for sure going to study more in the future. Right now I’m working with children. In my free time I love doing really unnecessary things like taking photos and watching different series. I also put much time in listening to music, but that’s just how everyone is nowadays right? I love hanging out with my friends, but I’m not really a party girl. I prefer spending my evenings at home, snuggling with warm blanket and watching friends, whilst drinking tea.

My blog is a lifestyle blog that includes posts about food, fashion, beauty and just everything that I feel like writing about! I hope you enjoy scrolling through my blog 🙂

I just want to remind you that I am finnish which means that my english skills aren’t even near perfect. I am learning all the time and I hope that my writing gets better after every blog post. So please try to not mind about my typos and be kind. Thank you!