OOTD: Getting comfy for the cold season



Happy new year everyone! I can’t believe 2018 is already here. I feel like I didn’t get anything done in 2017 and just waisted the whole year, anyone else? Oh well a new year means new feels, new chances, new dreams and fresh starts. And of course, a lot of new outfit posts, yay. I have no idea where 2018 takes me and my blog but I can say for sure that it will include a lot of fashion. It’s what my heart desires, okay? Heh heh.





Sweater – BrandyMelville // Jeans – Zara // Shoes – Stradivarius // Bag – Cubus

I know I have probably made this very clear in my previous posts but I am going to say it one more time; winter is all about comfy clothes. Who wants to stroll down the streets in clothes that won’t keep you warm? Not me at least. Along with perfectly comfy clothes this outfit is full of pieces that have been stuck in my closet for a long while, waiting to be used.

The reason why I haven’t used these sneakers for almost over a year is simply that I got so fed up with this whole hologram trend, it was literally everywhere. But after giving them a good rest I am back on board with metallics. And what comes to these mom jeans,  as much as I love how comfortable they are I just don’t know if they look good on me. I have seen a lot of people make rocking mom jeans look so easy but when I pull them on, they just don’t look flattering.

But yeah as I said earlier, it’s new year and new chances. Even for the clothes that have been stuck in my closet for too long. Hope you all have a great first week of 2018!



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This spring we wear black!


It’s the first day of February and I think it’s safe to say that spring is finally rolling towards us. The days are slowly getting brighter and longer which is salvage for me and my blog. It’s also little warmer nowadays which sadly means a lot of raining. And since I have such a bad luck it was pouring rain when me and my friend went to Helsinki to do a little photo shoot. Gladly you can’t see it from the pictures, but believe me, we were soaked and cold. What wouldn’t I do for some good shots though, hah.






Denim jacket – New Look // Jeans – ginatricot // Boots – DinSko // Backpack – Kånken

Anyway let’s ramble about the outfit little bit! I am currently obsessed with embroidery trend – everything that has floral details in it catches my eye. I personally prefer embroidered flowers on black pieces, they just pop out and get more justice that way. And honestly, when wouldn’t black be a good idea?

When I saw this beautiful black denim jacket on sale (only 20 euros can you believe?) I immediately fell in love with the rose details. I didn’t have to think twice whether to buy it or not. All black outfit was the only thing on my mind when it was time to pick the clothes to go with it. I knew the red roses would stand out anyway. I pulled on black skinny jeans, Kånken backpack and my beloved combat boots and I was good to go. I even had black beanie on but I left it out from the pictures because lets just face it, I looked like an egg with beanie. I was really happy how the pictures turned out. My curls sticked with me through the rain and the outfit looks casual but not boring, yay!

Also since I did a lot of sale shopping besides the jacket, I was wondering would you like to see a haul about everything that I bought? Or is it too boring.. leave a comment below! 



ps. I can’t believe my blog has reached 100 followers! Thank you so much! I know that it’s not a lot for some people but I never thought I would get here haha.

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Baby it’s cold outside


Sweater weather is here and I could not be happier! It’s not too cold but it’s still cold enough to keep the rain away (if that makes any sense).. This kind of weather is just perfect to get your butt up from bed and actually go outside and enjoy the beautiful fresh weather. Me and my sister did exactly that this weekend. We went to Helsinki to check out this beautiful christmas market that we have here. And since we had some extra time before the sun set down we did a little photo shoot.





Coat – New Look // Skirt –Monki // Sweater – BikBok  // Backpack – Kånken // Scarf – Zara // Beanie -BikBok // Boots – DinSko (similar)

I first thought I could do proper sweater weather blog post about one of my favorite sweaters. But when I tried the outfit on that I had in mind, it just didn’t look good (that always happens to me, please tell me I’m not the only one). I ended up wearing this very ‘colorful’ black turtleneck sweater and a denim skirt.  Of course I also wore my beige coat but let’s not get into it again since I have rambled about it here already.

I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t get cold since we were spending the day outside so I wrapped myself into this really warm scarf from Zara. I am obsessed with it because one, it’s black so it goes with everything and two, it does not have fringes at the ends. Every scarf I own has those and I just needed little change. With it I matched my black beanie and Kånken backpack . Also my combat boots are like made for this weather so they were a perfect final touch for the outfit.



I have never had my hair tucked underneath a scarf but once I saw a character in Skam (Norwegian drama series that I am obsessed with) doing that I wanted to give it a go. I don’t usually have my hair open because it’s too long and messy and just ugh. But having it under a scarf kept it out of the way and it does not look that bad actually..  So you will probably see me with this hair style more often hah.



Ps. I am sorry about the bad quality of the pictures. I really need new camera and I have few in mind I just need to decide which one I will buy. Hopefully after the holidays I will be able to post proper pictures here with new camera and better quality!

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Classy everyday outfit

We are living the darkest time of the year right now in Finland, which means that sun rises around nine am and sets already after three pm. I work eight hours a day, so the struggle with taking good quality pictures for my blog is real. Weekends are my only chance for pictures with natural light so please try to stick with me even though I haven’t posted much lately.

These pictures were taken a while a go with one of my main ‘outfit walls’. I always find my way to this wall, if I don’t have any other specific place in my mind. It’s like my back up wall, hah. And honestly I could say same about the outfit I am wearing. It’s one of those outfits that you put on when you don’t have anything else to wear.  So it’s definitely my current so called go-to outfit..




I feel like I have found my obsession for culottes only now, when it’s starting to be way too cold to wear them. Gladly enough layers and a warm coat can save you from freezing.

These pants are everything you could ask for so no wonder why I have been wearing them a lot lately. They are really comfortable and casual but they still got that classy look. Even though these pants are really neutral and I could match colorful pieces with them I like to stick with my beloved black. The shirt I wear with these pants is actually a crop top, but since the pants are really high-wasted I don’t have to worry about flashing skin. Of course I matched my Michael Kors bag with this outfit. It was a nice small final touch saving the outfit from being boring and all black.



Culottes – Cubus // Shirt – BikBok // Shoes – DinSko // Bag – Michael Kors

That’s all about my current go-to outfit. If you like you can check out my former go-to outfit post from here. It’s definitely so far one of my favorite outfits I have wrote about.



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Walking in a winter wonderland

I came to spend extended weekend to the northern Finland with my family. We are celebrating Finland’s independence day here. Which for us means relaxing and eating good food haha. Also, we were planning on going skiing (and snowboarding yay) but it’s so d*mn cold here that it’s just not possible if you don’t want your face to fall off.

Besides staying inside and doing unnecessary things like watching series all day long, me and my sister went for a walk to get some fresh air. It was really lovely, the trees were covered in snow and the sun was setting down which gave the sky beautiful color. I had to take pictures even though my fingers froze. So now let the pictures speak for themselves.






For me winter means lot of snow and cold weather. I know that’s not the way for everyone but I could never imagine a christmas without snow. Sadly in southern Finland where I live, snow usually comes after christmas, around january. That’s why we will come to spend christmas here to the northern Finland too, to have that perfect white christmas.

What is christmas like there where you live? I am really curious because I know snow isn’t the main thing for everyone.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this kind of random blog post haha.. 🙂



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