OOTD: Doubling the denim


I have been really skeptical about this whole denim on denim trend. I honestly didn’t think I could pull it off. When I went to shoot this look I was planning on wearing my yellow raincoat but it just didn’t look good on camera. So I wen’t for something completely different and new (for me). Denim on denim. Even though I am really happy how this outfit turned out I still  don’t know if I ever dare to wear double denim again.




I am obsessed with everything that’s denim. I have way too many denim jackets and I have got quite a few pairs of jeans. The mom jeans that I am wearing are my current go-to bottoms. They are really comfortable and look good with basically anything. The denim jacket is also my current go-to piece, but I always automatically wore it with black jeans. Little did I know how good they would look together.

When it comes to double denim I know it’s a big no no to wear two completely same washed denims. My jeans and jacket does have very similar vibes but I think the washes are still different enough to follow the ‘rules’, even though aren’t the rules made to be broken?



Jacket – Springfield (similar)  //  T-shirt – ginatricot  (only 10€!!)  //  Jeans – Zara 

Now let’s talk about other very important part of this outfit. Ginatricot is a store that has lots of t-shirts with amazing prints and statements. When I first walked in there my eyes caught a shirt that said ‘going nuts for coconuts’ – something that would suit me more than well. But right next to that shirt was this amazing t-shirt with a beautiful statement that I knew was very much needed to put out there right now. ‘Make love not walls – exactly, love is what this world needs right now. So without any hesitations I walked out with it and have been wearing it nonstop since.

I am always in for small acts like these, and seems like I am not the only one since this shirt is sold out from every ginatricot store around the world. Hope they stock more so some of you can take it home too!

What are your thoughts about double denim? Yay or nay?



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Rocking streets with heels

If you follow my blog you might have already noticed that I don’t wear heels. I am sneakers kinda girl, but I do admire heels. Every now and then I really wish I owned a few pairs of heels because lets just face it, some outfits need heels to make them complete. I graduated a year ago and since it was kind of big thing I had to buy heels with my dress. I wore them that one time and then left them to collect dust. Now a year later it was time to take them out and rock the streets with heels.




Block heels – Nelly  //  Jeans – Zara // T-shit – BikBok // Backpack – Zara (similar)

So many bloggers and people in general wear heels in daily basis. They look comfortable  and casual in them. How? I will never know. I personally can wear heels only for couple hours before I am ready to kick them off from my numb feet. But I was ready to take the risk for my blog and just because, well they are gorgeous. I got them from Nelly.com (which in my opinion is one of the best online stores/resellers). I love that they are block heeled and got that casual but chic sandal vibe going on. Also never have I ever thought that I would love dusty pink color.

I think the heels are perfect match for my light blue denims. Those jeans got that street style what describes my personal style very well. I have been a big fan of rips in jeans for a couple years now, I hope they never go out of style. And even if they did I would still wear them since most of my jeans got some sort of rips in them. I don’t know about you but I have struggled to find good pair of mom jeans. They just never fit me nicely. I accidentally found these from sale from Zara (surprise surprise). And have been loving them since, because lets just face it – mom jeans are ‘the thing’ right now.



This outfit is a combination of something that you see on me quite ofthen but also it has a pinch of something that I wear rarely. Honestly this outfit was such a rule breaker for me and I loved it. We will see if I keep this going on for the next posts or fall back to basis.



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Ps. Sorry about the bad quality of some pictures. I have new camera (yay) and I am still figuring out how to use it. Would you like to see a blog post about it or is it too boring?

This spring we wear black!


It’s the first day of February and I think it’s safe to say that spring is finally rolling towards us. The days are slowly getting brighter and longer which is salvage for me and my blog. It’s also little warmer nowadays which sadly means a lot of raining. And since I have such a bad luck it was pouring rain when me and my friend went to Helsinki to do a little photo shoot. Gladly you can’t see it from the pictures, but believe me, we were soaked and cold. What wouldn’t I do for some good shots though, hah.






Denim jacket – New Look // Jeans – ginatricot // Boots – DinSko // Backpack – Kånken

Anyway let’s ramble about the outfit little bit! I am currently obsessed with embroidery trend – everything that has floral details in it catches my eye. I personally prefer embroidered flowers on black pieces, they just pop out and get more justice that way. And honestly, when wouldn’t black be a good idea?

When I saw this beautiful black denim jacket on sale (only 20 euros can you believe?) I immediately fell in love with the rose details. I didn’t have to think twice whether to buy it or not. All black outfit was the only thing on my mind when it was time to pick the clothes to go with it. I knew the red roses would stand out anyway. I pulled on black skinny jeans, Kånken backpack and my beloved combat boots and I was good to go. I even had black beanie on but I left it out from the pictures because lets just face it, I looked like an egg with beanie. I was really happy how the pictures turned out. My curls sticked with me through the rain and the outfit looks casual but not boring, yay!

Also since I did a lot of sale shopping besides the jacket, I was wondering would you like to see a haul about everything that I bought? Or is it too boring.. leave a comment below! 



ps. I can’t believe my blog has reached 100 followers! Thank you so much! I know that it’s not a lot for some people but I never thought I would get here haha.

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Rainy days

Hello lovely people. As you can probably guess from the title I am going to complain about the Finnish weather once again. We really thought it was good idea to do a photo shoot in rain. Turned out, it wasn’t. I mean, now when I look back to this day I wonder how we even managed to get proper pictures. It was really windy, my hair was on my face (and in my mouth) most of the time. Also it was freezing cold and it felt like the rain came from every possible direction. The clothes that I was wearing weren’t warm enough. Gladly I don’t think you can see that from the pictures. And anyway, what wouldn’t you put yourself through for a blog post, right?



Now after a little weather complaining that I do way too often in my blog, lets get into the outfit. I feel like I have overused jeans with holes in both knees, so the denim ones with only one rip are just perfect! I haven’t used them too much because they are mid rise from the legs. They didn’t look good with low shoes like vans. But now when the weather for boots have arrived, I have used these jeans nonstop.

I am definitely out of my comfort zone when I wear blue jeans, because I am black-everything kinda girl. But as you can see everything else in this outfit is black. So still close to my comfort zone, whoops.




I feel like I have worn my black Michael Kors handbag in most of my blog posts, but how can I help myself when it goes with literally everything? I love Michael Kors bags in general because they are really simple. You can combine them with casual outfits but they go also perfectly with more fancy clothing. I am not even ashamed to admit that I have couple Michael Kors bags. I prefer buying few expensive bags and wearing only those,   than owning like million cheaper bags that I use every now and then. But oh well that is just my opinion.


Jeans – Zara // Coat – Monki // Shirt – Monki // Bag – Michael Kors  // Boots – DinSko



Cosy and classy






Wool coat – Seppälä // shirt – Monki  //denim skirt – Monki // shoulder bag – Michael Kors // shoes – Clou

This outfit is probably one of my favorites for fall season. I feel like the colors just do justice for autumn. For me this is colorful because of the denim skirt and wool coat, but I am sure that many of you don’t really agree with that. I will just never be one of those people who match several different colors and still rock that outfit.

When this denim skirt trend first came, I didn’t think it was for me. Somehow I ended up buying a skirt anyway and we have had love-hate relationship since then. I really like how it fits me and it basically looks good with most of my clothes. Also it does not bother me that it’s not flexible at all. I could say it’s perfect but there is small minus in it. It’s short, which was a problem on summer time. Now when I can wear tights and big long coats with it the shortness is not a bother anymore. My wool coat was perfect match for that skirt, because it meets the standards. Hah. I think the colors just look nice with each other which makes them look even more better together.

Of course I wore black tights because as I said in my former post they are just big part of  what I wear around fall season. My lace shoes and the Michael Kors bag gave little bit more classy vibes for my outfit, which I really liked. They were the final touch, you know.

xo Jasmin


Dark denim






I went to Estonia a while ago and I fell completely in love with those black overalls. They are perfect. Denim all the way of course, but they are still loose and comfortable to wear. I bought them from Bershka, a store that I normally don’t find clothes from. They had big sale going on (lucky me) so to my surprise I made great finds from there.

When it was time to wear the overalls, I struggled to find something that would match with them. That was just because Finnish weather is so unpredictable. You never know if  a t-shirt is better choice than a long-sleeved shirt. So after trying half of my wardrobe on, I ended up wearing my dark green longsleeve from Bershka, Michael Kors backpack and  a pair of black Vans. I was ready to face Helsinki. Yay.

Ps. I am ashamed to admit that it took me way too long to publish new blog post. For an excuse lets just say that I was struggling with WordPress. From now on I will post much more regularly. 🙂

Oh and one more thing, my friend Vilma took these pictures of me and you definitely should check out her beautiful blog from here.