Christmas song favorites

Since christmas is only a week away I thought it could be a good time to share my ‘must listen to’ christmas songs. Right now I really can’t listen to anything else than festive songs, but that’s part of the season right? You are not doing justice for december if you don’t fill your head, mind and soul with christmas songs.

So here comes a list of my favorite christmas songs:

Christmas is not the same without Justin Bieber’s christmas songs.. I could add all of them here but this would be quite boring list then oops. And anyway All I Want For Christmas Is You is just the best christmas song of all time.

I could also add all the christmas songs by Michael Buble here but I won’t do that either hah. I couldn’t get myself into festive spirit without Michael Buble’s christmas album.

Ariana Grande is an amazing artist and I could not be happier that she made small christmas ep. Usually christmas songs are slow and touching but Santa Tell Me is more upbeat which I love.

All my favorite artists and bands (also favorite youtubers hehe) collabing together, what else could you ask for?

This song is just such a classic. Some people say this is overused but I can never get tired of it!

I love Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas sang by anyone but Sam Smiths voice takes the whole song to another level.

The last one is for the Finnish readers out there.. This song has a special place in my heart because my parents have played this every christmas for me through my childhood. I have basically grown with this version, and I know I’ll be listening to this still when I am old and wrinkled.

Enjoy the last days of december and remember to make the most of them!



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