OOTD: Searching for christmas vibes




Happy christmas eve eve everyone! I can’t believe it’s already 23rd of december and before I even get to blink christmas will be over. I have always been christmas person, I love everything about it. The snow, the music, decorating the christmas tree, the christmas lights, buying presents and of course being with my family. This year I haven’t really found the festive spirit no matter how much I have listened to christmas music and how many gingerbread cookies I have baked. I guess you just don’t get fully festive every year then. Can anyone else relate to this or am I some kind of nutcase haha?




Cardigan – Mango // T-shirt – Mango // Jacket – Zara // Scarf – Zara // Jeans – Zara

Now after way too much of rambling let’s get into the outfit shall we? There are some fashion trends that pull most of people towards during christmas time. For me those trends are something shiny/glitterish and velour. Of course I have also been feeling red a lot more than usually during December. I bought both the cardigan and the t-shirt from black friday sales and to be honest if it wasn’t christmas I probably would have left the glitter detailed t-shit to the store. But well, I am so glad I didn’t because who doesn’t need little pinch of Sex and The City statement in their wardrobe?




The cardigan is such a dream come true, it’s big and chunky which is something really necessary during this cold season. And since red is such a color itself already rest of the outfit is full of my beloved black as you can see. Black leather jacket, black ripped jeans and black scarf, yes perfect.

So there you have my very festive (not really I know but let’s pretend okay?) outfit. Little bit something shiny with a pinch of chunky red. I know you will be blown away when I say this but yes, I didn’t find the christmas spirit through this outfit, so shocking I know.



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Do it yourself: christmas wrapping paper

I don’t know about you but I have never really loved the whole wrapping gifts part of christmas. I mean, I love buying the presents for my friends and family but when it comes to wrapping them I just suck. I have never had that artistic eye what you need to make the presents pretty. This year I came across this cute diy wrapping paper idea in pinterest and it looked so simple that I had to try it myself. Honestly I am so proud of how it turned out! The whole idea was so easy and festive, I am absolutely in love! And sharing is caring right so here comes the instructions how you can make it too:


What you need:

  • Plain wrapping paper (I got brown and white but any color you desire works)
  • Acrylic paint or ink (I used green paint mixed with black ink and also some white paint)
  • Potatoes to use as a stamp
  • Gift tags
  • Fabric/curl ribbon
  • A stamp pad with some black ink (not necessary)



Step one: Use a small knife to carve the stamp you desire into the potato. Christmas tree was really easy to make (just believe me as this comes from the person who happens to have zero artistic talent). Just draw a line of three triangles on paper and cut it out then use it as a base for your craving.

Step two: Dip your stamp into the paint and fill the plain wrapping paper with the stamps marks.

Step three: Make sure the paper is dry before wrapping your presents. Decorate them with whatever your heart desires. I used some cute fabric ribbons and small brown gift tags.


And volà, that is how you do cute wrapping paper all by yourself! Hope this inspires someone to give it a try, it was so much fun and even little addicting. I found myself making more and more paper with different stamps haha!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have a lovely and festive rest of the week!



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Let’s admire my beauty advent calendar


When I was a kid the most existing thing about christmas was the fact that every morning when you woke up you were allowed to eat a little piece of chocolate that came from your advent calendar. And now even though I am all adult and grown december is not december without a christmas advent calendar. I was planning on buying that good old chocolate calendar but then I came across this beauty and yes my friends, it was time to ditch the chocolate and switch the advent calendar game a little.

And honestly guys this calendar is such a game changer. I have never seen anything as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. It’s so pretty that I seriously didn’t want to open the doors to ruin the look of it. But um, obviously I got over that hehe.

The calendar is by Finnish skincare brand Lumene. I have always loved their products because a) they have such a good quality b) all the ingrients are from finland and c) as i already said their products are so pleasing for the eye. They have relieved all the products that the calendar includes but I honestly want to be surprised when I open the boxes so all I know is that there is lots of skincare products and some beauty products.


Behind the first door I got a glow boost drops that you are supposed to apply on your clean and fresh face. I have tried them once now, and holy moly the smell is absolutely amazing. Behind the second door I got a beautiful nail polish in the shade On the Beach. It’s such a nice soft pink color.

And that’s all I have opened so far. Please let me know if you would like to see a full review of all the 24 treats once I have tried them. Because I would be more than happy to do it yay.  Thank you for reading, hope you all have had a lovely start of december!





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Baby it’s cold outside


Sweater weather is here and I could not be happier! It’s not too cold but it’s still cold enough to keep the rain away (if that makes any sense).. This kind of weather is just perfect to get your butt up from bed and actually go outside and enjoy the beautiful fresh weather. Me and my sister did exactly that this weekend. We went to Helsinki to check out this beautiful christmas market that we have here. And since we had some extra time before the sun set down we did a little photo shoot.





Coat – New Look // Skirt –Monki // Sweater – BikBok  // Backpack – Kånken // Scarf – Zara // Beanie -BikBok // Boots – DinSko (similar)

I first thought I could do proper sweater weather blog post about one of my favorite sweaters. But when I tried the outfit on that I had in mind, it just didn’t look good (that always happens to me, please tell me I’m not the only one). I ended up wearing this very ‘colorful’ black turtleneck sweater and a denim skirt.  Of course I also wore my beige coat but let’s not get into it again since I have rambled about it here already.

I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t get cold since we were spending the day outside so I wrapped myself into this really warm scarf from Zara. I am obsessed with it because one, it’s black so it goes with everything and two, it does not have fringes at the ends. Every scarf I own has those and I just needed little change. With it I matched my black beanie and Kånken backpack . Also my combat boots are like made for this weather so they were a perfect final touch for the outfit.



I have never had my hair tucked underneath a scarf but once I saw a character in Skam (Norwegian drama series that I am obsessed with) doing that I wanted to give it a go. I don’t usually have my hair open because it’s too long and messy and just ugh. But having it under a scarf kept it out of the way and it does not look that bad actually..  So you will probably see me with this hair style more often hah.



Ps. I am sorry about the bad quality of the pictures. I really need new camera and I have few in mind I just need to decide which one I will buy. Hopefully after the holidays I will be able to post proper pictures here with new camera and better quality!

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Christmas song favorites

Since christmas is only a week away I thought it could be a good time to share my ‘must listen to’ christmas songs. Right now I really can’t listen to anything else than festive songs, but that’s part of the season right? You are not doing justice for december if you don’t fill your head, mind and soul with christmas songs.

So here comes a list of my favorite christmas songs:

Christmas is not the same without Justin Bieber’s christmas songs.. I could add all of them here but this would be quite boring list then oops. And anyway All I Want For Christmas Is You is just the best christmas song of all time.

I could also add all the christmas songs by Michael Buble here but I won’t do that either hah. I couldn’t get myself into festive spirit without Michael Buble’s christmas album.

Ariana Grande is an amazing artist and I could not be happier that she made small christmas ep. Usually christmas songs are slow and touching but Santa Tell Me is more upbeat which I love.

All my favorite artists and bands (also favorite youtubers hehe) collabing together, what else could you ask for?

This song is just such a classic. Some people say this is overused but I can never get tired of it!

I love Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas sang by anyone but Sam Smiths voice takes the whole song to another level.

The last one is for the Finnish readers out there.. This song has a special place in my heart because my parents have played this every christmas for me through my childhood. I have basically grown with this version, and I know I’ll be listening to this still when I am old and wrinkled.

Enjoy the last days of december and remember to make the most of them!



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Walking in a winter wonderland

I came to spend extended weekend to the northern Finland with my family. We are celebrating Finland’s independence day here. Which for us means relaxing and eating good food haha. Also, we were planning on going skiing (and snowboarding yay) but it’s so d*mn cold here that it’s just not possible if you don’t want your face to fall off.

Besides staying inside and doing unnecessary things like watching series all day long, me and my sister went for a walk to get some fresh air. It was really lovely, the trees were covered in snow and the sun was setting down which gave the sky beautiful color. I had to take pictures even though my fingers froze. So now let the pictures speak for themselves.






For me winter means lot of snow and cold weather. I know that’s not the way for everyone but I could never imagine a christmas without snow. Sadly in southern Finland where I live, snow usually comes after christmas, around january. That’s why we will come to spend christmas here to the northern Finland too, to have that perfect white christmas.

What is christmas like there where you live? I am really curious because I know snow isn’t the main thing for everyone.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this kind of random blog post haha.. 🙂



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Perfect weekend

For me a perfect weekend contains lot of relaxation, watching movies or series, baking something delicious and hanging with friends. Basically just not doing much. I want to get my mind away from work and gain energy for the next week. I feel like this weekend I succeed in that perfectly.


On saturday I drowned myself with christmas vibes. I made winter tea for myself, which tasted just like christmas. And while enjoying my tea, I watched one of my favorite christmas movies – The Holiday. I even pulled my festive socks on to get myself into the right feeling.

After the movie I watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S for hours, all curled up with my blanket. In the evening my friends came over and we had a gaming night. We played Wii and Playstation,  sang Singstar and of course we talked about everything. It was so much fun because we haven’t done that for years and it was something we did a lot when we were younger.


side note: I have never had milk in my tea. I just found it a bit odd to add cold milk into hot tea. Anyway, this weekend I tried that for the first time, and it’s actually really good like that.

On sunday me and my sister continued with the christmas vibes. The whole house was filled with christmas songs while we cooked pancakes for breakfast. It took us two hours to get the pancakes done. I don’t know what went wrong but I am sure that’s not how long it usually takes. We followed the same recipe that I shared here on my blog earlier so if you like check it out from here

Rest of the evening I used with my blog and now I am going to watch some tv with my family. Hope you had a lovely weekend! Also I am really curious about what your perfect weekend contains. Are you like me, you enjoy your time at home or do you love to get your schedule full with plans?