OOTD: Black summer vibes



First warm day in Helsinki during this summer and what I wore? All black of course. But hey you can never go wrong with black. It’s simple, elegant, classy and it doesn’t go out of style. And besides, it’s just simply the best color out there (until they make something darker).

I bought this dress in a need of something fancy, Zara (surprise surprise) had other colors of it too but no way would I buy a dress full of color such as green or red! I went for my beloved black. I haven’t worn it much since the purchase. It’s little revealing and I just never have the guts to do so. Now when we finally had proper warm day I got one of those “now or never” moments and pulled it on without hesitation.

The ruffled short sleeves are my favorite part of this dress. I don’t know about you but I just find ruffles romantic. There is something really classic and feminine about them.





Dress – Zara | Bag – LongchampΒ | Sandals –Β H&MΒ | Hat – MonkiΒ | Watch & Bracelet –Β Daniel Wellington

There is no rules to style all black outfit but I think adding pinch of color is the key to the nice final touch. My Longchamp backpack was perfect for that since I am backpack all the way kinda girl. Sometimes backpacks are more informal and casual but this one stuck perfectly to the romantic summer look that I was trying to pull off. I also think accessorizes are important part of the all black outfit (or any outfit really) so a watch and fedora hat on and I was good to go.



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Classy everyday outfit

We are living the darkest time of the year right now in Finland, which means that sun rises around nine am and sets already after three pm. I work eight hours a day, so the struggle with taking good quality pictures for my blog is real. Weekends are my only chance for pictures with natural light so please try to stick with me even though I haven’t posted much lately.

These pictures were taken a while a go with one of my main ‘outfit walls’. I always find my way to this wall, if I don’t have any other specific place in my mind. It’s like my back up wall, hah. And honestly I could say same about the outfit I am wearing. It’s one of those outfits that you put on when you don’t have anything else to wear. Β So it’s definitely my current so called go-to outfit..




I feel like I have found my obsession for culottes only now, when it’s starting to be way too cold to wear them. Gladly enough layers and a warm coat can save you from freezing.

These pants are everything you could ask for so no wonder why I have been wearing them a lot lately. They are really comfortable and casual but they still got that classy look. Even though these pants are really neutral and I could match colorful pieces with them I like to stick with my beloved black. The shirtΒ I wear with these pants is actually a crop top, but since the pants are really high-wasted I don’t have to worry about flashing skin. Of course I matched my Michael Kors bag with this outfit. It was a nice small final touch saving the outfit from being boring and all black.



Culottes – Cubus // Shirt – BikBok // Shoes – DinSko // Bag – Michael Kors

That’s all about my current go-to outfit. If you like you can check out my former go-to outfit post fromΒ here. It’s definitely so far one of my favorite outfits I have wrote about.



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Wavy all the way




Blouse – weekday // Culottes – Zara // Shoes – Vans

I have finally learned to love my wide-leg culottes from Zara. When I bought them I couldn’t find anything to match with them and I wanted to return them, but I never did that. Now I’m just glad. These culottes are everything you could ask for. They are high-wasted which is a big plus and since they are black every color goes with them. But if you have read my blog you can see that I am hooked with neutral colors. This outfit is another proof of that, hah. Too bad that I discovered this culotte trend only now, when the weather here is getting cold. These trousers are made to use around summer time for sure, because the fabric is thin and you can feel the wind through them. But maybe the weather gets better again and I can use these more, you never know..

Also, me and my friend Vilma found this beautiful part of Helsinki where we have been taking pictures and wandering around a lot lately. There are cute apartments and buildings behind every corner. These pictures are from there too, surprise surprise and all the credit Β of them goes to Vilma once again. You can check out her blog from here.