Beauty empties | Let’s review my trash


I have seen these posts going around for so long now and I find them really interesting because people are always honest when it comes to their trash right? So I started to collect my dear beauty trashes so I could review them for you. Now since I have quite a few of them let’s take a look shall we?


Lumene Matt Control Oil-fee Foundation – The coverage of this product is perfect for me, not too cakey but it still hides all my imperfections. I use this at work in daily basis which means five times a week, and the product isย so long lasting (I have had it for over six months)!! Would Iย Repurchase? – YES

Lumene Under Eye Concealer – My under eyes are such a problem. There are always dark circles and veins everywhere no matter how much I sleep. This product seriously does huge difference , I absolutely love it. ย Would Iย Repurchase? – Absolutely yes

Lush Let the Good Times Roll – Thisย face scrub/cleanser is one of my favorite products ever from Lush (and I have tried like half of them). It smells like heaven and oh how gentle it ย is on my skin leaving it soft and smooth. Would Iย Repurchase? – Yes

Dermosil Scalp Caring Shampoo – My scalp is so problematic, always itchy or red or dry. I have tried million different shampoos and this was the first one that actually calmed my scalp. I couldn’t go a shower without it. Would I repurchase? – Yes


Anastasia Beveryly Hills Brow Wiz – First I loved this. It defined my brows just fine, but I slowly started to dislike it as I just couldn’t get as sharp lines and brows with it as I wanted to so I switched to their dip brow. ย Would I Repurchase? – No sorry ABH

The Body Shop Aloe Calming Foaming Wash –ย This one is my favorite of all the facial wash products that I have ever tried. The foam is so soft and gentle on my skin which I absolutely love. It leaves my skin clean (obviously) and hydrated. Definitely recommend trying. Would I repurchase? – YES YES YES

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer – First I absolutely loved this, it felt like it actually did a difference if I applied it or not. But now as I have used it for months I have learned that it doesn’t do big difference so it’s definitely not worth the money. ย Plus it kinda feels oily on my skin even though it’s oily free?? Would I repurchase – No

Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Shower Foam – Okay this smells SO GOOD. It smells like floral heaven and yes I already said that about the Lush product but this is even better. This is what I want to smell like after every shower I take. And it’s also so soft on the skin. Just perfect. Would I repurchase? – ABSOLUTELYย 



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