London baby!

If you have watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S. “London baby!” may ring some bells for you. I am not ashamed to admit that I love London just as much as Joey Tribbiani does. I have been there four times now, and I will never get tired of that lovely city. It’s always a good idea to go there, you know. It will never let you down.



I love the busy streets, you are never alone there no matter what time it is. I also love the architecture, most of the apartments and buildings are very aesthetic and beautiful at least for my taste. I adore their food culture, you can sit down for a lunch or get delicious take away from every corner. They also have a lot of coffee places where you can have proper breakfast and lunch (we don’t have much those places in Finland so that’s why I find it nice).

But most of all I love british people. I can’t get over how kind and polite they are. It was easy to do little small talk with them and it didn’t feel awkward at all. In Finland no one pays attention to you if it’s not necessary. We even prefer standing in public transports  more than sitting down next to someone we don’t know. In general Finnish people are just so grumpy. I guess that’s the reason why I really appreciate brits and their politeness.


We stayed in England for three days and that just wasn’t enough. We didn’t have time to visit half of the places we wanted to because the city is just so big and there is so much to see. Also we spent almost two whole days for shopping, but how couldn’t we when there  is million different stores to discover.



Even though I could go on and on about how much I love London, there is no better place like home. I sometimes tend to forget how lucky I am to live here in Finland (even though we are grumpy hah). So even if I had chance to move away, I don’t know if I had guts to do it. But you never know where life takes you right? Maybe I will be writing this blog from England one day…




Rainy days

Hello lovely people. As you can probably guess from the title I am going to complain about the Finnish weather once again. We really thought it was good idea to do a photo shoot in rain. Turned out, it wasn’t. I mean, now when I look back to this day I wonder how we even managed to get proper pictures. It was really windy, my hair was on my face (and in my mouth) most of the time. Also it was freezing cold and it felt like the rain came from every possible direction. The clothes that I was wearing weren’t warm enough. Gladly I don’t think you can see that from the pictures. And anyway, what wouldn’t you put yourself through for a blog post, right?



Now after a little weather complaining that I do way too often in my blog, lets get into the outfit. I feel like I have overused jeans with holes in both knees, so the denim ones with only one rip are just perfect! I haven’t used them too much because they are mid rise from the legs. They didn’t look good with low shoes like vans. But now when the weather for boots have arrived, I have used these jeans nonstop.

I am definitely out of my comfort zone when I wear blue jeans, because I am black-everything kinda girl. But as you can see everything else in this outfit is black. So still close to my comfort zone, whoops.




I feel like I have worn my black Michael Kors handbag in most of my blog posts, but how can I help myself when it goes with literally everything? I love Michael Kors bags in general because they are really simple. You can combine them with casual outfits but they go also perfectly with more fancy clothing. I am not even ashamed to admit that I have couple Michael Kors bags. I prefer buying few expensive bags and wearing only those,   than owning like million cheaper bags that I use every now and then. But oh well that is just my opinion.


Jeans – Zara // Coat – Monki // Shirt – Monki // Bag – Michael Kors  // Boots – DinSko



London lookbook

I travelled to London over a week ago with my friend for a small getaway trip from work. We wandered around the beautiful streets (along shopping of course) and we found some gorgeous photo shoot spots. For me that was more than great, because I obviously wanted to get some pictures for my blog. Hah. But I mean it’s London that we are talking about and everyone there just look so stylish. So of course I tried my best to fit in, but that probably didn’t work out. Anyway, here comes my outfits from three lovely days that I got to spend there..

(And yes the quality of the pictures make me want to cry. I apologize.. I didn’t have camera with me there so these pictures were taken by my phone)


Coat – Monki // Scarf – Cubus // Dress – Bershka // Boots – DinSko // Bag – Michael Kors



Dress – New Look // Watch – Daniel Wellington // Bag – Michael Kors // Shoes – Vans

Velvet sweatshirt – Topshop // Jeans – River Island // Boots – DinSko // Bag – Michael Kors 

There will be few more blog posts about London soon, so look forward to that! Also if you want to follow me on instagram click here ! 🙂



Salted chocolate pie

My sister bought the newest book by British youtuber Tanya Burr. The book is called Tanya bakes and it’s filled with sweet recipes. We have been trying several recipes from there in the past few months. They have all turned out good, which was little surprise because you know there are always recipes that sound delicious but then just taste bad.

I wanted to share my favorite recipe from the book with you. Salted chocolate pie. We ate the whole pie basically in one day… And yes, I am little ashamed to admit that but how can you help yourself when something is just so delicious?

We didn’t follow the recipe perfectly because we didn’t add salt to the mixture/dough (which Tanya did in her recipe). We just decorated the pie with sea salt flakes, which gave it enough salinity for our taste. We also made some changes to the ingredients because it’s hard to find some stuff from Finland that people in England use for baking. Anyway here’s the recipe with our touch:


Salted chocolate pie

Prep time: 40 minutes – chilling time: at least 4 hours

You will need about 20cm round tart tin (we used heart shaped one as you can see, it gave the pie nice final touch).


  • 175g chocolate cookies
  • 45g unsalted butter, melted
  • about 90g dark chocolate
  • about 40g milk chocolate
  • 2 decilitres double cream
  • Pinch of vanilla sugar
  • 30g unsalted butter
  • sea salt flakes for sprinkling


Blend the cookies in a food processor until fine. Add the melted butter. Mix thoroughly until the butter is well dispersed and the cookies hold its shape when pressed together between two fingers. Tip the mixture into the tart tin, and gently but firmly press it against the base and sides to create the tart shell. Chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours, or overnight.

Break up the dark and milk chocolate into small pieces. Pour the double cream into a pan and simmer over a medium heat. Add vanilla sugar, then take off just before it starts to boil. Add the chocolates and butter. Stir until the mixture is smooth and all the chocolate has melted.

Pour the mixture into the tart thin. Gently shake the tin to allow the chocolate to settle evenly, then leave to the fridge to set for at least two hours.

Sprinkle sea salt flakes on top to serve.



Cosy and classy






Wool coat – Seppälä // shirt – Monki  //denim skirt – Monki // shoulder bag – Michael Kors // shoes – Clou

This outfit is probably one of my favorites for fall season. I feel like the colors just do justice for autumn. For me this is colorful because of the denim skirt and wool coat, but I am sure that many of you don’t really agree with that. I will just never be one of those people who match several different colors and still rock that outfit.

When this denim skirt trend first came, I didn’t think it was for me. Somehow I ended up buying a skirt anyway and we have had love-hate relationship since then. I really like how it fits me and it basically looks good with most of my clothes. Also it does not bother me that it’s not flexible at all. I could say it’s perfect but there is small minus in it. It’s short, which was a problem on summer time. Now when I can wear tights and big long coats with it the shortness is not a bother anymore. My wool coat was perfect match for that skirt, because it meets the standards. Hah. I think the colors just look nice with each other which makes them look even more better together.

Of course I wore black tights because as I said in my former post they are just big part of  what I wear around fall season. My lace shoes and the Michael Kors bag gave little bit more classy vibes for my outfit, which I really liked. They were the final touch, you know.

xo Jasmin


Autumn closet cleaning

Autumn comes really quickly here in Finland. Lately the temperature has been dropping a lot and it really makes me want to pull on a sweater and warm socks. Few days ago I actually wore woolen socks at work, maybe it was too soon for that but I couldn’t help myself. After that, I came to the conclusion that it was time to sort out my clothes for upcoming fall/winter season. Some of you probably feel like I am way too early with this but I was more than ready to leave my summer clothes behind. Besides my wardrobe needed little cleaning anyway.


I have always the same problem when it comes to cleaning my closet: I don’t dare to throw anything away. I always find excuses to keep all my clothes, even if I hadn’t worn them in years. This time I pulled myself together and actually got somewhere with my (way too full) closet. I wanted to share five simple tips how to sort out your closet if you have the same problem as I do or if you need to make room for new beautiful pieces…  😉

  1. First of all, turn on some good music and get yourself something to drink and maybe even some snacks. We all know this will take a while.
  2. When you take out all your clothes (even the ones that you have hidden to the back of your closet) sort them to three piles: The ones you want to keep, the ones you are putting away for now and the ones that you are going to give away. Also just cruelly throw away clothes that are damaged or worn out.
  3. While going through your clothes make sure you are only keeping the ones that you are actually going to wear. Be relentless with yourself. If you are struggling with a piece of clothing, ask yourself the hard questions: “Have you worn it within a year?” and “Does it fit you well?”.
  4. Keep an eye on your clothes, maybe even make a list of the ones that need replacing. If you have a piece that you love but you don’t have anything to wear with it make sure you buy something to match with it next time you go shopping.
  5. When you are putting your clothes back into the closet make sure you have assorted them according to their purpose (work clothes, casuals, formal clothing etc.) or  according to their type (trousers, shirts, skirts etc.). It’s so much easier to find clothes from your wardrobe if they are systematically sorted.

So yeah, thats all about it. I hope this is useful for someone at least!

Ps. I was planning on taking before and after pictures but my closet was so messy that I didn’t dare to do that. So I had to stick with these plain pictures and bad lightning. Sorry!







img_6208Top – Brandy&Melville // Trousers – BikBok // Platform heels – Dinsko

I fell in love with these trousers immediately when I saw them hanging on the sale section. They kind of reminded me of Tommy Hilfiger’s clothes, don’t ask why. I don’t remember how much they costed but they were cheap enough to just buy without much of thinking. I don’t regret buying them, but I have worn them only once, oops.

These trousers don’t reach the ankles and they have wide legs. They are also little bit more ‘fancy’ than my other pants, so vans didn’t look good with them. They needed splashy shoes. Gladly my platform heels were the perfect match for them. I feel like they made the outfit look more interesting and out standing.

Ps. These pictures were taken on a rainy day, which is why the lightning is what it is. Also I am blaming the rain for my messy hair.

Pictures by Vilma