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Hello you lovely people, I am alive and well if anyone has wondered haha. I am really loving my new blog base and I prefer it over wordpress. But I still miss my fellow bloggers here. I can’t follow wordpress blogs through my new blog and it sucks. So today I will be stalking a  lot of you for sure just to get up to date about all of your amazing blogs and lives around them.

My blog is exactly the same, I post about lifestyle just like I did here so it would mean the world to me if you checked out my blog. If you want to subscribe you can leave your email to my subscribe box.  Aaaaand if you want to see me rambling more about this outfit check out my new blog post !

Also before I go, I was wondering should I link my new blog posts here always when I publish them or is it waste of time? I don’t know.




Something exciting is happening – my blog is moving

Hello you lovely people. I don’t know how to put this to words really so let’s just blurt it okay? My blog is moving. I am nervous and stressed but at the same time so happy and excited.  I have been working for this change for a long time now and finally all the pieces are coming together. My time with WordPress has come to an end, it offered me a great base for (almost) two years but now I feel like I need change and well, upgrade. Nouw is offering so much better deal than WordPress and in overall I feel like that site is more full of blogs, content and people similar to me.

Nothing else is changing really expect my site address which is nouw.com/ughmango for now. My own domain is still on it’s way. My content will be same as it has been: fashion, beauty and so much more.

I hope you all understand and give a chance for my ‘new’ blog which you can also follow (wink wink), and please note that you don’t have to be a member in now to be able to follow me. I will be following lots of you via e-mail, so no worries you won’t get rid of me.

I guess that is all I wanted to say. Thank you so much for everyone who has been part of my blogging journey here, I hope all the best for you and I hope to see you in my new blog too. Now it’s time for my new adventure! Cheers!


Please check out my new blog post where I talk about fanny bags https://nouw.com/ughmango/fanny-bags-are-back-back-again-34145892

Some honest thoughts featuring the perfect breakfast

Hello you, yes you who still read my blog or you who just happen to stop by.  I haven’t been active for a month now and I know it’s bad but I think I really needed this little break. I was busy with work, I travelled a little around Europe, I studied for upcoming school applications and I went to few concerts. I first thought that I had lost my interest for this blog in general because no matter how busy I was I always managed to make time to write. It took me few weeks to realise what really was holding me back and I am so glad that it hit me.

I was so busy that I didn’t have time to be active and read other bloggers posts which made me think that ‘if I am not active no one will return the favour’. It drove me to a circle where I kept telling myself that I can’t post anything before I have read all the blog posts from others and been ‘active’ in wordpress. Blogging had became more of a thing that I had to do than just a hobby that I loved. It was all just because of the stress over stats.

I took some time to clear my head which is why I was gone for so long. I kept taking pictures and coming up with new idea for blog posts but I just couldn’t write. Now that I have reminded myself that I am not doing this to get comments, likes or activity in general I think I am ready to come back. I am doing this for myself and because I love it. I love fashion and trends, food, beauty and travelling and this is my perfect escape from reality. It’s great if someone actually enjoys reading my outcome but most importantly I want to be happy with it. And that’s what I will keep in mind now.

Now to make sure this blog post isn’t just full of ramblings, lets take a moment to admire my delicious breakfast. Me and my friend wanted to go have a good but aesthetic breakfast together. And Helsinki is full of pretty places where you can get good food so we decided to go to one of our favourite spots, Paulig Kulma. Definitely recommend that place, it’s full of vegan and gluten free snacks, and they make such a good coffees. My favourite is their raw hot chocolate. Their breakfast included a croissant with some jam, one drink from their list and two dishes from the breakfast menu. I chose mango overnight oats and matcha pancakes with some strawberries and syrup. It was delicious!

After the upcoming summer my blog will turn two and it’s safe to say that I am not going anywhere, this is only the beginning. And besides everyone has these moments when they doubt everything. Thank you for reading and understanding, see you in my next blog post (which goes up tomorrow)!



A day in my life|Valentines day edition

A while ago Anni from Glücksgeist.com asked me if I wanted to collaborate with her. And even though I have never done a collaboration before she being one of my favorite bloggers made me say yes right away. We decided to do the typic day in life post with ten pictures. I have never done or even read a day in my life kind of blog posts but it sounded fun, I mean getting to peek into someones life, it’s just perfect for a nosy person like me.

But since my days are quite boring, considering the fact that I work most of the day. I decided to add little twist to this and do a valentines day edition. Now you can take a look at my typical day and also see how I spent the evening ‘celebrating’ Valentines day. Yay.

So let’s start from the beginning. My alarm always goes off an hour before my work starts so I have enough time to get ready and grab some breakfast. I always snooze at least two times, I am just one of those people who can’t get out of the bed straight away.

Once I do get up I head to the bathroom and kick off my morning routine with washing my face and teeth and moisturizing my face. After that I do my makeup, yes on my bed because I am lazy and I just need to be wrapped in my warm blanket for as long as possible.

My work makeup is very different from what I wear on my free time. Usually if I am not running late I do my base with primer, under eye concealer and foundation. But sometimes I may just leave foundation out (like I did on this day) and move on to the concealer right away. Then I add powder and do my eyebrows, and if I have time I curl my eyelashes but I never ever wear mascara at work (or anywhere else either really).

When my makeup is finished I eat breakfast which is usually some yoghurt and muesli with pecan peanuts (my faves). I am also a tea person, always tea over coffee, just always. Little fan fact of me here: I never eat bread as breakfast, I just no. I am not a bread person, especially toast is a big no no for me.

Then once I am ready to go I get out of the house (or more like rush out because I am almost always running late) and walk to work. I work with little kids, eight hours everyday for five days a week. I have weekends off. What I wear at work is quite different from what I wear on my free time because I want my clothes to be practical. We don’t have any dress codes etc. though.

Usually after work I go to the gym or come home to just chill, I don’t do much on weekdays I always plan all the action for weekends. So this is why I wanted to do valentines day edition, I actually for once did something after work.

I have always hated valentines day, sorry not sorry. And I have never really even celebrated it but this year me and my friend decided to have a cheeky lil date together.

So what I did after work was got ready and drove to pick up my friend. Oh and yes I even had time to take few selfies heheh. This is rare, because let’s just say it again: I am always running late.

Our date contained a perfect movie for valentines day, fifty shades freed. I am a fan of these movies and the books that they are based on. And through my eyes this movie was perfect ending for the series. The plot followed the book just so well and the male lead Jamie Dornan is blessing for the eye. Plus the soundtrack is amazing!

I had really great time with my friend, being bitter but happy singles together. She even got me cute lil valentines day card. And since it was valentines day and I felt like treating myself a little and bought some flowers. Because who needs a man to buy you flowers when you can do it yourself right?

That was typical day in my life with pinch of valentines day. Hope you enjoyed this post even though it’s very different from what I usually write. And don’t forget to check Anni’s post if you haven’t already!!



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A little chitchat – Why does social media value our worth?

I usually don’t do posts like these, but for a very long time something has bothered me and I know there are people out there who can relate to this. So lets have a little chat shall we? Why does social media value our worth? Why do we let apps like instagram, pinterest, twitter and sometimes even wordpress define if our work is good enough? For so long instagram has been my happy place in social media, I love taking pictures and editing them. I love to make sure my feed looks good, and oh how much I love following people. Twitter has always been the place where I share my thoughts and wordpress, yes the beloved place of mine where I get to embrace the things that fascinate me.

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But slowly everything has changed, and I think most of all these apps, it’s instagram that has lost it’s game. Sadly the other apps seem to follow the downfall. I used to be very carefree with my instagram, I posted what I wanted and when I wanted. I got really nice feedback from my friends and followers. Now the main thing that people seem to care about is the numbers – as known as followers, likes and comments. I don’t even try to deny the fact that they don’t matter to me, because they do. So much that it actually defines my mood. I find myself questioning the value of my pictures all the time. When I don’t get as much likes as I normally do all that I can think about is ‘wasn’t my picture good enough’. And it makes me question the pictures that I post, even though I love them? But ‘so what, my followers don’t seem to love them’ I think. AND THAT IS HORRIBLE.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

Why does it matter so much if we get 200 likes or 1000 likes? Just why? Sadly we can see this same circle going around in wordpress, not to even mention how much likes and retweets matter in twitter. When I post a blog post that I worked so hard for, but the stats aren’t ‘blooming’ I immediately think that ‘wasn’t my content good enough?’ ‘Didn’t people like my pictures’ and then this pops to my head: I haven’t been active enough to my fellow bloggers so no one is returning the favor. And yes that is harsh thing to say, but honestly isn’t that what we tend to do? To get activity we are active ourselves, give likes and comments. Of course that is not how it should be, we shouldn’t care about likes, comments and stats in overall. We should be happy with our content no matter what the feedback is.  But we just aren’t?

So again, why do we let apps like these define if we and our content is good enough? We should be the ones deciding about our pictures, content and thoughts. Maybe I am the only one who feels this way, but I truly hate the sad feeling that kicks in when my stats in any of these social medias aren’t what I hoped them to be. I don’t know, what do you think?




Do it yourself: christmas wrapping paper

I don’t know about you but I have never really loved the whole wrapping gifts part of christmas. I mean, I love buying the presents for my friends and family but when it comes to wrapping them I just suck. I have never had that artistic eye what you need to make the presents pretty. This year I came across this cute diy wrapping paper idea in pinterest and it looked so simple that I had to try it myself. Honestly I am so proud of how it turned out! The whole idea was so easy and festive, I am absolutely in love! And sharing is caring right so here comes the instructions how you can make it too:


What you need:

  • Plain wrapping paper (I got brown and white but any color you desire works)
  • Acrylic paint or ink (I used green paint mixed with black ink and also some white paint)
  • Potatoes to use as a stamp
  • Gift tags
  • Fabric/curl ribbon
  • A stamp pad with some black ink (not necessary)



Step one: Use a small knife to carve the stamp you desire into the potato. Christmas tree was really easy to make (just believe me as this comes from the person who happens to have zero artistic talent). Just draw a line of three triangles on paper and cut it out then use it as a base for your craving.

Step two: Dip your stamp into the paint and fill the plain wrapping paper with the stamps marks.

Step three: Make sure the paper is dry before wrapping your presents. Decorate them with whatever your heart desires. I used some cute fabric ribbons and small brown gift tags.


And volà, that is how you do cute wrapping paper all by yourself! Hope this inspires someone to give it a try, it was so much fun and even little addicting. I found myself making more and more paper with different stamps haha!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have a lovely and festive rest of the week!



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Let’s talk editing – How I edit my pictures

Every now and then I get comments where people compliment me for the good quality of my pictures, and oh how happy it makes me because as you fellow bloggers know creating content that you are happy with takes a lot of time. When it comes to photographing we all know there are a lot of small things that matter such as lightning and backgrounds. But as much as I want to give the credit for my amazing camera and photographing skills in general most of the time I need to do little editing to make the photos look the way I want them to. Even though I am no professional I am pretty happy with the way my pictures turn out so a little guide to editing won’t harm anyone right?

Oh and before we start here is a link to my older blog post where I shared some tips about crafting beautiful pictures. It gives a good base for taking pictures before actual editing.  

I have few so called go-to apps that I always turn to. What app I use depends on how much editing the picture needs, if I am lucky enough I have a picture with perfect lightning and mostly clean background (like the one above). All I have to do is fix composition a little. At the (oh so happy) moments like these I use few tools from picsart:

Perspective: Sometimes the angles and camera distance distort the view so with this tool I can straighten the picture and fix the wrong angles.

Straighten: And then there are times when the picture/the ground/the walls etc are just completely out of control and you need proper straightening.

Crop: I always use this tool, because firstly I want to crop all the unnecessary parts out of the photo and secondly, I want all my pictures to be from same distance when I add them to a blog post.

Clone: Last but not least, my savior. This tool is a little tricky and I honestly don’t know how to explain it properly but let’s just say it can fade away anything that you don’t like to see in your picture. (Do you notice what I edited out from the first picture?)

Then there are times that I have done all the editing above but the picture is still not pleasing my eye, I mean the lightning is just horrible so snapseed is the app I go to.

Brush – dodge and burn: This tool is my lifesaver number two. I just gently brush over the whole picture with my finger to fix the lightning and brightness.

Brush – saturation and temperature: These two tools are perfect to fine tune and fix the color balance. For example if the picture is little too cold and the tones are blue just add more warth and vola.

Selective: This is also a easy way to balance the lightning. Just select the dark point on the picture and desaturate the brightness to as high as needed. It’s also a great tool to lower the brightness if you have too bright spots in your picture.

And then of course there are these pictures with messy backgrounds. Little imperfections don’t bother everyone but I personally prefer my pictures to be as clean as possible. So snapseed is the app for that sort of editing too:

Healing: This tool works like heaven, all you have to do is press the small imperfection you don’t want in your picture and it fades away. Of course it won’t work for big imperfections as the brush you are allowed to use here is quite small. But when you have something ugly and big in your picture that you want gone turn to clone tool that I mentioned earlier.

So that is my little guide to editing, hope it wasn’t too messy and unclear! How do you edit your pictures and what apps do you use? Thanks for reading lovely people!



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