Some honest thoughts featuring the perfect breakfast

Hello you, yes you who still read my blog or you who just happen to stop by.  I haven’t been active for a month now and I know it’s bad but I think I really needed this little break. I was busy with work, I travelled a little around Europe, I studied for upcoming school applications and I went to few concerts. I first thought that I had lost my interest for this blog in general because no matter how busy I was I always managed to make time to write. It took me few weeks to realise what really was holding me back and I am so glad that it hit me.

I was so busy that I didn’t have time to be active and read other bloggers posts which made me think that ‘if I am not active no one will return the favour’. It drove me to a circle where I kept telling myself that I can’t post anything before I have read all the blog posts from others and been ‘active’ in wordpress. Blogging had became more of a thing that I had to do than just a hobby that I loved. It was all just because of the stress over stats.

I took some time to clear my head which is why I was gone for so long. I kept taking pictures and coming up with new idea for blog posts but I just couldn’t write. Now that I have reminded myself that I am not doing this to get comments, likes or activity in general I think I am ready to come back. I am doing this for myself and because I love it. I love fashion and trends, food, beauty and travelling and this is my perfect escape from reality. It’s great if someone actually enjoys reading my outcome but most importantly I want to be happy with it. And that’s what I will keep in mind now.

Now to make sure this blog post isn’t just full of ramblings, lets take a moment to admire my delicious breakfast. Me and my friend wanted to go have a good but aesthetic breakfast together. And Helsinki is full of pretty places where you can get good food so we decided to go to one of our favourite spots, Paulig Kulma. Definitely recommend that place, it’s full of vegan and gluten free snacks, and they make such a good coffees. My favourite is their raw hot chocolate. Their breakfast included a croissant with some jam, one drink from their list and two dishes from the breakfast menu. I chose mango overnight oats and matcha pancakes with some strawberries and syrup. It was delicious!

After the upcoming summer my blog will turn two and it’s safe to say that I am not going anywhere, this is only the beginning. And besides everyone has these moments when they doubt everything. Thank you for reading and understanding, see you in my next blog post (which goes up tomorrow)!




13 thoughts on “Some honest thoughts featuring the perfect breakfast”

  1. It’s nice to see you back! I really understand where you are coming from with this post. I became so worried about comments and interaction, that it actually made blogging stressful. But in theory, a successful blog is not about comments because high-earning blogs can get by without any.
    I think the focus of blogging should be on the posts, and if people want to comment then great. I believe in interaction just not to the point it becomes stressful. Thank you so much for bringing up such an important topic. xxx

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  2. I can so relate to this as I’m currently catching up with reading all the blog posts I missed. I take so many photos at the moment but when it comes to writing them I blank and just don’t find the time for it or want to find the time for it. But now I feel fresh and ready to write more posts and just enjoy it even if I can’t read every single post on the day it was uploaded xx

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  3. Such a beautiful post ❤ and beautiful photos! I can totally relate with the beginning of this post because I feel the same way for a while but I also know that I love to write and be creative and that I will find my way back.
    Can't wait for future posts! xx

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  4. Glad to have you back (: I made it one of my New Years resolutions to read all the posts on my Reader each day and it’s really helped me not fall behind on other people’s content (like I did last year). Your breakfast looks GORG btw!


  5. Wow, I can seriously relate so much to what you’re writing! It’s the exact same things that’s been holding me back from posting through this very busy year. Need to just realize that there won’t always be time to comment back to everyone and that I’ll just have to do what’s manageable for me! That breakfast looks so delish – would love to plan a trip to Helsinki some time soon!

    Glad you’re not quitting blogging – you’re too talented! xx


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