10×10 outfit challenge | Spring edition

I have seen this challenge going around for a while and it really caught my interest. The idea is to pick ten pieces from your wardrobe and mix them into ten outfits that you use each for one day for ten days. This challenge is such a great way to get creative with your wardrobe and for me it just came as a perfect opportunity to style my clothes in ways that I normally wouldn’t. And also I got to kick my comfort zones ass a little, hah.

So now before get into the challenge here are the ground rules/instructions for you who have never heard of this but you got just as pumped for it as I did:

  1. Pick 10 pieces from your wardrobe (accessorizes etc. are not included, I for example did not include my hat, watch and tights into my ten pieces)
  2. Style those ten items into ten different looks
  3. Use ten days to do it
  4. Have fun and don’t take it too seriously, this is a great chance to get creative!

Obviously rules are made to be broken so don’t take them too seriously just like I didn’t. Now let’s take a look at my ten pieces I chose for this challenge and then, I will introduce the ten outfits I came up with after lots and lots of planning yay!

2 pair of shoes,  3 tops + a cardigan, 2 bottoms and a dress

Outfit 1 and 2

Outfit 3 and 4

Outfit 5 and 6

Outfit 7 and 8

Outfit 9 and 10


So there you have my ten outfits. I am pretty happy how they turned out. I could have been more creative and maybe could have tried to get out of my comfort zone more but this was a good start. And I loved doing this whole challenge so look forward to another one once summer comes.

Ps. Let me know which were your favourite looks and clothing combos!!  Also sorry for such a horrible lightning and editing, I tried but the sun just wasn’t on my side. 



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18 thoughts on “10×10 outfit challenge | Spring edition”

  1. Looking at this outfits, one probably would not notice you were just using the same 10 items recycled over 10 days. I love the red cardigan especially and the striped top. xx

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  2. Such a cool challenge would be such a good way to get some new ideas of styling items in the wardrobe, I think I need to give this a go soon. The first outfit looks so comfy love you hair in it too!

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  3. I really love how you took the photos of your clothes. You know already I love your style, so I thought each outfit was perfect. I am trying to cut down on clothing and adopt a more minimalist style, so seeing how you can wear 10 different items in various ways is major inspiration! xx

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  4. AGH!!! You have no idea how excited I was to see this in my reader. I have done the 10X10 two times and the 5X5! It is so fun to experiment with your clothes and style. I love outfits 4 and 7 and you did such an awesome job choosing pieces that were cohesive and yet all unique! Loved it X10

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  5. I love every one, in particular numbers 7 and 10! This is such a great challenge and definitely shows that you don’t need a lot of clothes to create a variety of interesting outfits. Definitely want to give it a go myself now :’) xx

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  6. How beautiful are these outfits! I just found your blog and everything you post is so pretty 🙂 I followed you and I’m excited to see what you’ll get up to in the future! Feel free to check out my blog if you like. I just started with my new fashion category.
    Happy posting xx


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