My 6 winter to spring wardrobe must haves

We are already on the third month of the year which should mean spring knocking on the door but no, at least here where I live temperatures are all over the place. Few weeks ago I was sure that spring would come soon and now all of sudden it feels like I am living in Antarctic. It’s SO cold, about -20°C and I am not even exaggerating. So since the weather can’t be trusted and spring seems to be far away still I thought I could share my current wardrobe must haves. A girl needs some key items in her wardrobe to rescue from the coldness right?

1. Big and cozy scarf

Scarves are a must have during any season basically. I either throw it over shoulders carelessly (at least I am trying okay hah) or just wrap multiple times to fight the coldness. I wouldn’t survive a day in the cold without something to wrap around my neck, it’s just the truth.


2. Ankle boots to the rescue from snow

If I could I would wear sneakers all around the year, but sadly these days just always come when the ground is frozen and there is too much snow. And when these days come ankle boots are the ones I turn to, they are perfect for any weather really. They keep my feet warm when it’s cold and when it rains they protect my lil toes from getting wet. These are the kinda shoes that everyone needs in their wardrobe.

3. The cosiest and warmest sweater

Everyone needs that one sweater that feels like you have your cozy and warm blanket from bed wrapped around you. And by one I mean like at least five obviously, oops. I am a sweater kinda person (but who isn’t). They are the must have of all must haves in my closet during winter and spring too. Because lets just face it – warm sweater goes with any kind of weather. You can wear either light jacket or warm coat with it, you can match a pretty skirt or jeans with it, anything goes.


4. Smart  trousers

In my opinion jeans are overrated. They won’t keep my legs warm when it’s cold and the coziness is nothing compared to trousers. And cold weather is all about coziness right?


5. Brixton hat

This is a trend that has been around for a while now and I am pretty sure that it’s here to stay. It took me forever to get my hands on a brixton styled hat and finally after long search I got one to add in my wardrobe. It has become my go to headwear, I rarely wear beanies anymore since this one warms my head just as much! I can’t wait for the weather to get little more warm so I could style this with everything that I have in mind hehe.


6. The neutral handbag that goes with everything

And last but not least, a handbag. This is one of these things that you do need all year around but I find myself reaching for this specific one more during cold seasons. It’s just the perfect add for the classy look that I seek for. When it’s summer and warm, I am more carefree and backpack kind of girl.

So there you have my six wardrobe must haves during this confusing weather. All these pieces work during winter but also when it gets little warmer, which I can’t wait for. I am sick of all the layers.

What are your current wardrobe must haves?



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26 thoughts on “My 6 winter to spring wardrobe must haves”

  1. When I went to New York, I realised I didn’t have any proper thick scarves so I bought one whilst I was over there in H&M (for 7 dollars!!!) and have worn it ever since! I prefer thick leggings to smart trousers but that’s me loving my plain clothing. xx

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  2. I kind of miss wearing scarves, sweaters and boots, but winter will come around to me soon enough and you’ll get all the warmth haha! They’re definitely must haves for me in the winter as well!

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  3. I love your style and colours of these clothes! I feeling you about that weather. It’s not that cold where I live but it’s been like -8°C with strong wind which felt like -16°C…I never been so cold! Can’t wait for a little sunshine.xx

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  4. I am absolutely in love with your style! I mean, those sweaters look like the cosiest thing in the world and can perfectly with any outfit. And I know exactly what you mean about jeans – I’m definitely more of a smart trouser person myself hahah. Wonderful post as always 🙂

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  5. We unfortunately never had snow where I’m from, but I still love my boots all day! And those sweaters are definitely a must have!!
    Love the post as usual ❤️❤️

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    1. Thank you so much! Right now I wish we would never have snow too as it just wont melt away but there are so many good things about it haha and I do love winter after all 💗 xx

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