A day in my life|Valentines day edition

A while ago Anni from Glücksgeist.com asked me if I wanted to collaborate with her. And even though I have never done a collaboration before she being one of my favorite bloggers made me say yes right away. We decided to do the typic day in life post with ten pictures. I have never done or even read a day in my life kind of blog posts but it sounded fun, I mean getting to peek into someones life, it’s just perfect for a nosy person like me.

But since my days are quite boring, considering the fact that I work most of the day. I decided to add little twist to this and do a valentines day edition. Now you can take a look at my typical day and also see how I spent the evening ‘celebrating’ Valentines day. Yay.

So let’s start from the beginning. My alarm always goes off an hour before my work starts so I have enough time to get ready and grab some breakfast. I always snooze at least two times, I am just one of those people who can’t get out of the bed straight away.

Once I do get up I head to the bathroom and kick off my morning routine with washing my face and teeth and moisturizing my face. After that I do my makeup, yes on my bed because I am lazy and I just need to be wrapped in my warm blanket for as long as possible.

My work makeup is very different from what I wear on my free time. Usually if I am not running late I do my base with primer, under eye concealer and foundation. But sometimes I may just leave foundation out (like I did on this day) and move on to the concealer right away. Then I add powder and do my eyebrows, and if I have time I curl my eyelashes but I never ever wear mascara at work (or anywhere else either really).

When my makeup is finished I eat breakfast which is usually some yoghurt and muesli with pecan peanuts (my faves). I am also a tea person, always tea over coffee, just always. Little fan fact of me here: I never eat bread as breakfast, I just no. I am not a bread person, especially toast is a big no no for me.

Then once I am ready to go I get out of the house (or more like rush out because I am almost always running late) and walk to work. I work with little kids, eight hours everyday for five days a week. I have weekends off. What I wear at work is quite different from what I wear on my free time because I want my clothes to be practical. We don’t have any dress codes etc. though.

Usually after work I go to the gym or come home to just chill, I don’t do much on weekdays I always plan all the action for weekends. So this is why I wanted to do valentines day edition, I actually for once did something after work.

I have always hated valentines day, sorry not sorry. And I have never really even celebrated it but this year me and my friend decided to have a cheeky lil date together.

So what I did after work was got ready and drove to pick up my friend. Oh and yes I even had time to take few selfies heheh. This is rare, because let’s just say it again: I am always running late.

Our date contained a perfect movie for valentines day, fifty shades freed. I am a fan of these movies and the books that they are based on. And through my eyes this movie was perfect ending for the series. The plot followed the book just so well and the male lead Jamie Dornan is blessing for the eye. Plus the soundtrack is amazing!

I had really great time with my friend, being bitter but happy singles together. She even got me cute lil valentines day card. And since it was valentines day and I felt like treating myself a little and bought some flowers. Because who needs a man to buy you flowers when you can do it yourself right?

That was typical day in my life with pinch of valentines day. Hope you enjoyed this post even though it’s very different from what I usually write. And don’t forget to check Anni’s post if you haven’t already!!



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28 thoughts on “A day in my life|Valentines day edition”

  1. This is perfect!! I was so so excited to read your version of this and I knew it would be amazing! Love the pictures you took, I’m also not a fan of toast (Love bread though), I don’t really like Valentine’s day either and this was just such a great post. Thanks again for doing this with me, I had so much fun xxx (Also thanks for you super sweet words about me and my blog, yours is one of my favs as well)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I loved this too I am so glad I agreed to collaborate with you because it took me out of my comfort zone and it was so much fun taking these pictures! Thank you again!!! 💗 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your days looks so cute and your photography skills are on point. I think it’s so cute that you and your friend had a ‘date’ together. Did you think the movie was very much a third movie or did you enjoy it as if it stood alone?! xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think it’s hard to see the movie standing alone you know after seeing two previous movies and reading the books! But I can for sure understand if people who haven’t watched the other movies don’t like it haha!! Thank you for reading ☺️ xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m always rushing out of the house, that I usually drink my tea whilst putting makeup on, and end up eating breakfast after I’ve gotten to work (those five minutes I have before clocking in!). I’ve noticed that a lot of people who were out on V-Day this year were single and were out with friends, and it looked like they were having a blast!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I love that more friends are spending their valentines day together and it’s not all about relationships anymore!! Thank you so much for your comment!! 😋 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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