Let’s admire my beauty advent calendar


When I was a kid the most existing thing about christmas was the fact that every morning when you woke up you were allowed to eat a little piece of chocolate that came from your advent calendar. And now even though I am all adult and grown december is not december without a christmas advent calendar. I was planning on buying that good old chocolate calendar but then I came across this beauty and yes my friends, it was time to ditch the chocolate and switch the advent calendar game a little.

And honestly guys this calendar is such a game changer. I have never seen anything as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. It’s so pretty that I seriously didn’t want to open the doors to ruin the look of it. But um, obviously I got over that hehe.

The calendar is by Finnish skincare brand Lumene. I have always loved their products because a) they have such a good quality b) all the ingrients are from finland and c) as i already said their products are so pleasing for the eye. They have relieved all the products that the calendar includes but I honestly want to be surprised when I open the boxes so all I know is that there is lots of skincare products and some beauty products.


Behind the first door I got a glow boost drops that you are supposed to apply on your clean and fresh face. I have tried them once now, and holy moly the smell is absolutely amazing. Behind the second door I got a beautiful nail polish in the shade On the Beach. It’s such a nice soft pink color.

And that’s all I have opened so far. Please let me know if you would like to see a full review of all the 24 treats once I have tried them. Because I would be more than happy to do it yay.  Thank you for reading, hope you all have had a lovely start of december!





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