Let’s talk editing – How I edit my pictures

Every now and then I get comments where people compliment me for the good quality of my pictures, and oh how happy it makes me because as you fellow bloggers know creating content that you are happy with takes a lot of time. When it comes to photographing we all know there are a lot of small things that matter such as lightning and backgrounds. But as much as I want to give the credit for my amazing camera and photographing skills in general most of the time I need to do little editing to make the photos look the way I want them to. Even though I am no professional I am pretty happy with the way my pictures turn out so a little guide to editing won’t harm anyone right?

Oh and before we start here is a link to my older blog post where I shared some tips about crafting beautiful pictures. It gives a good base for taking pictures before actual editing.  

I have few so called go-to apps that I always turn to. What app I use depends on how much editing the picture needs, if I am lucky enough I have a picture with perfect lightning and mostly clean background (like the one above). All I have to do is fix composition a little. At the (oh so happy) moments like these I use few tools from picsart:

Perspective: Sometimes the angles and camera distance distort the view so with this tool I can straighten the picture and fix the wrong angles.

Straighten: And then there are times when the picture/the ground/the walls etc are just completely out of control and you need proper straightening.

Crop: I always use this tool, because firstly I want to crop all the unnecessary parts out of the photo and secondly, I want all my pictures to be from same distance when I add them to a blog post.

Clone: Last but not least, my savior. This tool is a little tricky and I honestly don’t know how to explain it properly but let’s just say it can fade away anything that you don’t like to see in your picture. (Do you notice what I edited out from the first picture?)

Then there are times that I have done all the editing above but the picture is still not pleasing my eye, I mean the lightning is just horrible so snapseed is the app I go to.

Brush – dodge and burn: This tool is my lifesaver number two. I just gently brush over the whole picture with my finger to fix the lightning and brightness.

Brush – saturation and temperature: These two tools are perfect to fine tune and fix the color balance. For example if the picture is little too cold and the tones are blue just add more warth and vola.

Selective: This is also a easy way to balance the lightning. Just select the dark point on the picture and desaturate the brightness to as high as needed. It’s also a great tool to lower the brightness if you have too bright spots in your picture.

And then of course there are these pictures with messy backgrounds. Little imperfections don’t bother everyone but I personally prefer my pictures to be as clean as possible. So snapseed is the app for that sort of editing too:

Healing: This tool works like heaven, all you have to do is press the small imperfection you don’t want in your picture and it fades away. Of course it won’t work for big imperfections as the brush you are allowed to use here is quite small. But when you have something ugly and big in your picture that you want gone turn to clone tool that I mentioned earlier.

So that is my little guide to editing, hope it wasn’t too messy and unclear! How do you edit your pictures and what apps do you use? Thanks for reading lovely people!



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