OOTD: Getting cozy with oversized sweater




To be honest I never thought I would find myself wearing huge oversized sweaters. But yet here I am obsessing over everything big, soft and comfy. And the bigger the better. This sweater I am wearing is from Zara and it’s definition of comfy. It’s so big that it reaches almost my knees which I absolutely love. The wool is soft and warm surprise surprise I know. Perfect for cold autumn days, and even more perfect once winter is here. Also when haven’t I loved beige? Never, indeed. Thank god it seems to go never out of style, not at least this fall as all the stores are filled with the shades of brown. So please let’s take a moment to appreciate the perfect oversized sweater. Thank you.





Sweater – Zara // Trousers – Monki // Backpack – Longchamp // Shoes – Vagabond (similar)

Since I am quite a small person I have been struggling with how to wear this big sweater.    I have seen so many people rocking oversized sweaters but when I tried to do the same with mine, nothing looked good. Then I came across these checked trousers in Monki and BOOM I was in love. Perfect match, almost at least. These trousers have slightly oversized fit which is why they are super nice on. And all I care about during this cold season is confines so yes you will see a lot more of these in the future.

I don’t know where it came from, but I have been wearing thin black socks underneath trousers and I am loving how it looks. I guess it adds nice detail, just like my beloved Daniel Wellington watch. I bet you all have already seen it so many times but it just brings nice class for the look.

Anyway enough with my rambles, please share your thoughts about oversized sweaters! Are you in for the bigger the better like me or nah? Thank you if you stopped by!



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47 thoughts on “OOTD: Getting cozy with oversized sweater”

  1. I don’t actually have an oversized sweater, but I’ve always wanted one! I have a few sweaters which are a little big on me, but that’s cause I’m tiny. I would love one like you have 😀

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  2. Loved this post!!! Also, you look amazing on those photos! The sweater is just amazing. You left me without words 💋 So beautiful.💗

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