I’ll Give You the Sun: A book that everyone should read


“The sun, stars, ocean, trees, everything. I gave it all up for you.”

I never read books. Not that I don’t like reading, because I absolutely love when a book consumes me. I am just very hard to please. I easily quit reading if I don’t like the story or if I get bored with it. It’s been ages since I have loved a book so much that I couldn’t put  it down. And to be honest I was little skeptical when I bought I’ll give you the sun. But before even noticing I was deep in the story, eating the text with my eyes. And that’s how it should always be. So ladies and gents here is review of a book that I got sucked into.

The story follows twin siblings, Noah and Jude in a different points in their lives. Noah tells the story when he and his sister are close, in a way that only twins can be. And Jude tells the story few years later when both of the twins are broken by horrible tragedy that drove them apart.


When I started the book I immediately fell in love with Noah. His character is really sweet, lovable and lonely. He dedicates his life for arts, and draws everything he sees and feels. He doesn’t have friends until the new boy next door who changes everything.

Jude I truly hated at first. In Noah’s story she is full of life and doing all the crazy things such as cliff diving. She is growing up and leaving Noah behind as she goes. Eventually I understood Jude and her actions and learned to absolutely love her too. In her story she is broken and full of guilt. The book pages are filled with quotes from a bible that she keeps with her. They descrabe her feelings and fit into the story perfectly, for example:

“If bad luck knows who you are become someone else”.

Without releasing themselves both of them only know half the story, which you learn to put together while reading. The story is full of blog twists, big and small. Some you see coming and some will absolutely shock you. Slowly everything falls into a place.


The story is absolutely heartbreaking but yet full of hope and all kinds of love. You will be filled with emotions which is why I don’t recommend reading this in public. The book will break you over and over again. Jandy Nelson knew exactly how to get to the reader. I have never cried as much as I cried while reading this book. And once I finished it (with way too much tears) I knew I had to read it again, I just needed to get back into the stories again, back into their world for little longer.

If you like John Green’s and Rainbow Rowell’s books, this is a must read for you (and for everyone in general), I know you will absolutely love it. Now enough for today. Thank you if you made it to the end of this blog post!

Have you Read I’ll give you the sun? Did you like it, please share your thoughts because as you can see I am dying to talk about it. 



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25 thoughts on “I’ll Give You the Sun: A book that everyone should read”

    1. That’s what makes the story so interesting, you need to read both of the stories to be able to put together the whole big picture! It’s amazing and beautiful book, I am sure you would love it! xx

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