OOTD: Power of red



The season of dazzling colors, comfy sweaters and fluffy socks is here. I have been waiting autumn to really kick in as if waiting for rising moon. And finally, as I watch colorful leaves fall from trees and feel the cold crispy wind rushing by, I can say autumn is here.

As much as I love change of the season I happen to love fall fashion more (what a surprise wow). All stores are full of beautiful fall collections and every year there is one color that pops out more than others. Last year it was mustard, this year it’s power red.




Shirt – Weekday  // Wool coat – Seppälä  // Hat – Brixton  // Trousers – H&M  // Backpack – Michael Kors // Shoes – Vans

If you told me few years ago that I am longing for red I would have laughed, hard. It has never been my favorite color but now all suddenly it just keeps pulling me towards. I want to get it all, sweaters, trousers, shirts, scarfs just everything that’s red.  But for now I am sticking with my shirt from weekday.

I think it’s easy to match pieces with red because it’s such a statement itself already. Brown is perfect color match for red so I pulled on my oh so cosy wool coat. I wanted to wear black bottoms (what a surprise again I know) but since I am always wearing jeans I pulled on trousers. A while ago I saw someone wearing thin black socks underneath their pants. So I rolled up the hems of my trousers and tried it myself, not so bad right?



And last but not least the hat. We need to take a moment for it. I mean it’s something that I thought I would never wear but here I am absolutely in love with it. It’s gives some real sailor vibes and it’s just perfect for fall as you sometimes need something to warm your little head.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have good rest of the week. And hey, remember to enjoy this beautiful season that’s going on right now, it won’t last for too long!!



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31 thoughts on “OOTD: Power of red”

  1. That hat is definitely the sort of thing I’ve been on the lookout for recently – can for sure spice up any outfit! I’m loving your style so much girl, so chic and classy ❤️


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