OOTD: hello fall



I don’t know about you but for me summer is officially over when august comes to an end and september kicks in. I have never been a summer person and I never will be, I just hate the heat. So the fact that the weather is already getting little colder everyday and I am able to wear tights and combat boots makes me squeak. While everyone else still enjoys last days of the summer and make finds from last chance sales my head is up and towards the new fall collections. I can’t wait to see what this years autumn fashion has to offer.






Dress – Monki | Boots – DinSko | Backpack – Michael Kors | Bomber jacket – Bershka

For me fall fashion is all about comfines and beautiful colors such as mustard, mocha, khaki and black. I love big sweaters, loose dresses, and black tights. The dress I am wearing is perfect example for what I wear during autumn, it’s comfy, loose, oversized and of course black. So basically it screams for fall.  The frill detail that goes around the waist is my favorite part of it, it gives the dress nice shape not making it look too oversized and big for me.

As I already mentioned combat boots and black tights are my thing during fall so no surprise that I matched them with this dress. All black everything once again. But hey I tried to bring little something into the outfit by wearing my new glasses and my beloved Daniel Wellington pieces. At least I tried right?



PS. Are you already on fall mood like I am or still holding onto the last of summer? 

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48 thoughts on “OOTD: hello fall”

  1. I love this outfit and you look really beautiful. I am an all-black wearing kind of girl too and I love black tights and loose jumpers. I do appreciate summer though and the laid-back vibe of it all and sometimes hate having to layer or wear a coat all the time. But autumn definitely is more about fashion than summer. xx

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  2. You rock this outfit! Seriously, you look so good! Also, I must take a moment to admire how pretty that stone background is and how well it compliments your black outfit. 🙂

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  3. I so agree fall fashion is all about being comfy too, luckily its very doable being comfy and cute at the same time and your outfit is PRIME example of that 🙂 I also love the mini backpack, I need one of those for myself, thats totally in these days!!

    xo, JJ

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  4. Hello, I love your outfits!! especially your backpack, please feel free to check out my blog as I have just started!


  5. I don’t like heat either but this summer wasn’t heat at all here in Finland so…I will miss summer. I like the lightness in summer. I hate darkness. It’s so depressing…

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