My favorite skincare products


I have never payed that much attention to skin care, I cleanse my face and moisturize but that’s all basically. My skin in clear, healthy and spot free most of the time so I have never really had the need to discover all the skincare products that are out there (even though I know there is no harm doing that, my skin won’t ‘bloom’ forever).  But I do have products that I really love and can’t go without so I thought it would be nice to share them with you.

All these products are made without harming animals. ❤


Lush – Let the Good Times Roll  

Let’s start with my favorite of them all. A face scrub/cleanser from Lush. I love everything about this product. It smells so lovely, sweet and popcorn-ish with a pinch of cinnamon. It’s really gentle and it leaves my skin so soft and smooth. You can use it on your entire body but since I use it on daily basis I apply it only to my face so it lasts for longer.


Herbina – Moisturizing face cream 24h | Origins – Active charcoal mask

It took me really long time to find good face cream that actually moisturizes and leaves my skin as soft as little baby’s butt (and not sticky at all). I feel like I tried half of the face creams out there before I came across Herbina. It’s a Finnish skin care brand that uses only natural ingredients. I don’t think I will ever find better face moisturizer than this one.

As I sad at the beginning of this post my face is most of the time spot free but just like everyone else I have bad face days, weeks and months. At that time I lean on Origins’ Active charcoal mask.  It’s deep cleansing and it dries my oily areas (I tend to have oily t-zone). You can feel it working immediately when you apply it on. I love the after feeling on my skin – soft and fresh. I absolutely love it.


Dermosil – Hand cream walnut

I never see people consisting hand creams in their skin care related posts. Doesn’t hand creams and such things fit perfectly in the box of ‘skin care products’? I don’t know. But  hey hands are important too. Who wants to have dry hands? No one probably. Dermosil’s walnut hand cream is my all time favorite. First of all it smells heavenly and second of all it does miracles for my hands (no joke). It makes my hands soft like little babes butt (yes I did use that description already, no regrets). Also it’s not sticky which is something I can’t stand when applying a cream.


The body shop – Aloe calming foaming wash

Okay first of all I need to say that I am always in for a product that consists aloe. It just can’t be bad. This facial wash is mild and soap-free, best thing about it is the texture which is lovely soft foam. Since I don’t use that ‘heavy’ makeup this is perfect for my face. It cleanses really gently leaving my skin soft, hydrated and well clean.

Also I know I totally overused the word soft as I described these products but they all just make my skin so soft which is why they are my favorites. 

So that is all about my current skincare products. Have you tried any of these before? If yes please leave your opinions below. Also if you have any good skincare product recommendations I am wide open for them.




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45 thoughts on “My favorite skincare products”

    1. I feel so much better after purchasing a product that was made without harming animals than buying a product that was tested on animals ♥️ Thanks for reading! xx

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  1. I really like your picks! Mostly because they are new to me (except the Origins mask which I sampled before and loved) but also, they are products that people tend not to talk about because they just stick to the products that are hyped or are the ‘latest’.

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