OOTD: Black summer vibes



First warm day in Helsinki during this summer and what I wore? All black of course. But hey you can never go wrong with black. It’s simple, elegant, classy and it doesn’t go out of style. And besides, it’s just simply the best color out there (until they make something darker).

I bought this dress in a need of something fancy, Zara (surprise surprise) had other colors of it too but no way would I buy a dress full of color such as green or red! I went for my beloved black. I haven’t worn it much since the purchase. It’s little revealing and I just never have the guts to do so. Now when we finally had proper warm day I got one of those “now or never” moments and pulled it on without hesitation.

The ruffled short sleeves are my favorite part of this dress. I don’t know about you but I just find ruffles romantic. There is something really classic and feminine about them.





Dress – Zara | Bag – Longchamp | Sandals – H&M | Hat – Monki | Watch & Bracelet – Daniel Wellington

There is no rules to style all black outfit but I think adding pinch of color is the key to the nice final touch. My Longchamp backpack was perfect for that since I am backpack all the way kinda girl. Sometimes backpacks are more informal and casual but this one stuck perfectly to the romantic summer look that I was trying to pull off. I also think accessorizes are important part of the all black outfit (or any outfit really) so a watch and fedora hat on and I was good to go.



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33 thoughts on “OOTD: Black summer vibes”

  1. You are seriously slaying this outfit! Very much of a one-colour kind og girl myself, woops, but personally I think monochrome outfits can look amazing! Also, very much of a backpack person – much more practical, haha! Amazing photos, as always xx

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  2. Hello there. I’ve just discovered your blog, and it’s really lovely, so I followed. You’re also very pretty. This is a cute outfit. I wear black all the time. I actually never thought you could pair anything brown with black, but you pull it off. That bag actually looks really cute with the whole outfit.

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  3. Beautiful images and lovely outfit! I surely will try to wear a black dress like that! Probably add a lil more jewel. That’s my thing 💖


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