OOTD: That perfect raincoat


Here in Finland summer (just like every other season) consists lots of rain and overall bad weather. You won’t survive through festivals, outdoor concerts and such things without something that keeps you from getting wet. And since you can’t bring umbrella anywhere with you nowadays, raincoat is a must have.

My raincoat is too perfect for words. I am so happy that I went for such a bright and happy color as yellow. It brings so much life into my usually so neutral style. I bought it  from a brand called Rukka. Their raincoats are a bit more one the pricy side but they are totally worth the money. I mean the coat has really good quality, I have had mine for over a year now and it’s still in a very good shape.





I think styling a raincoat is just as ‘easy’ as styling a normal jacket. My raincoat is so bright and already statement itself so matching basic black jeans and a white sweater with it felt more than natural. My Daniel Wellington watch and their matching bracelet were perfect little final touch for this rainy day outfit. I was good to rock the bad weather. Hah.

Is raincoat also a must have for you too or is it just me (and probably rest of the finns)?



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49 thoughts on “OOTD: That perfect raincoat”

  1. Okay I just discovered the wonders of a rain coat myself!!! Although mine is not nearly as cute as yours, a raincoat is oh so necessary!!! That matching bangle to your watch is to die for, I love thick banded bracelets like that with the designer name branded on there! Too cute!!

    xo, JJ

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  2. Love the yellow raincoat, its raining so much recently in the UK. I think I may need to get one 😀 and especially love your gold bracelet, looks so good with your watch!


  3. Your rain coat is gorgeous! I almost bought one similar from Topshop, but couldn’t bring myself to part with the money haha! I love the way you’ve styled this outfit, the watch and colours make it so classy and then your converse makes the outfit so much more wearable! Love your blog!! XX


  4. you’re so modelesque! these photo’s looked like a models portfolio but i loved the yellow statement rain jacket! totally sold me on buying! i legit want to buy one now and cop your whole out fit haha


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