300 followers?! | Spreading the blogger love

I can’t believe my small and messy lifestyle blog has already 300 followers, thank you thank you thank you! I honestly didn’t think I would ever get here, but yet here we are thanks to each and every one of you who decided to click that follow button. I honestly can’t thank you enough but just know that I really appreciate all the love and support you are giving for me and my blog.

Couple months back kali said some really sweet and kind words about my blog as she did friends for days tag, and it just really warmed my heart. The idea of the tag is to support other bloggers, compliment each other and get to know new bloggers. You are supposed to tag five new bloggers and two who have been around for longer. I am gonna mix things up a little and just ramble about my favorite bloggers out there, old and new. Because hey, what is better way to celebrate this little milestone than keep spreading the blogger love?

Ingrid D.

I have been following Ingrid since I joined the blogging world. Her content is always on point, she shares her fashion for fashion, traveling and everything in between.  I would never miss any of her posts. Trust me, you can’t help but fall in love with her.

True Bliss

Shelby is one of those bloggers who you just automatically fall in love with. She is always so kind to her followers and I always see her supporting other bloggers. I love to read her beauty based blog posts but that’s not all she writes, her blog is full of great content and thoughts.

Sit back and just live

Jenny is one of the nicest and kindest bloggers I know. Her blog is full of good and unique posts such as thoughts and whatnots where she interacts with her followers about different topics or weekend recaps where she shares her weekend happenings (there is always a lot, this girl if full of energy!). I know you are going to love her so check her out if you haven’t already!


Vanessa’s blog is all about fashion. She knows how to put together an outfit which is why I love love love her style and I am sure you would too! She has amazing and really good quality content so what are you waiting for? Check her out!

Ink on my hands

Kali did nominate me for this tag so I don’t know if I am cheating or what but she is one of my favorite bloggers out there so I need to include her. Her blog is full of great and unique content from thrift store finds to quotes, hauls and so on. So no wonder why I am obsessed with her!

Turning back time

This post would not be complete without giving little shoutout to my lovely friend who is behind the camera in most of my pictures. Please give a read for her blog (you won’t regret it), she has got really high quality content and it’s all about fashion with pinch of food and beauty here and there!!

So that is the list of my favorite bloggers, not all of them but some that popped into my mind while writing this. I love them and I am sure you will too (if you already don’t)!!



Ps. Once more, thank you for 300 followers!




35 thoughts on “300 followers?! | Spreading the blogger love”

  1. Omg I’m just seeing this now ❤ ❤ ❤ so much love, you are the sweetest. Congrats on all your followers, I'm sure its going to sky rocket even more because you're such a lovely blogger!!! I can't wait to go check out all the other ones you listed out!

    xo, JJ


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