Huge colourpop lippie haul + reviews

I have wanted to try colourpop’s lip products for so long but expensive international shipping and customs duties have kept me from making an order. Once they announced big summer sales, I couldn’t stop myself from buying quite a few lippies. The package  that I received was really pleasing for my aesthetic eye, all the products were packed properly and there was sweet ‘handwritten note’ along small information booklet. I was really happy with it so far but how did I feel about their lippies? Lets see!


Overall review

All of the liquid lipsticks that I ordered were mini sized Ultra Satin lipsticks. Five of them came in a kit called ‘On a Whim’ and one I got for free. They didn’t dry my lips which was a big plus. Small minus was that some of the darker shades were really hard to apply. It felt like the lipstick just didn’t want to stick everywhere evenly.  Also something that disappointed me was that the shades looked really different on my lips than on the tube. I also ordered their lippie stix and a matching lip pencil, but let’s get into that later. First I want to ramble about the Ultra Satin lipsticks and their shades.


Left: Stud  Right: Mess Around

Stud –  I was little afraid to try this one on, it looked really orange on the tube and I just don’t rock orange shades. Now that I look at it on my lips I actually really like it.  It’s such a pretty, soft and warm color for summer days. This is the only shade from the collection that colourpop does not make as a full size.

Mess Around – I absolutely love this color. It’s unique and really different from my other nude shades. It turns more towards cold tones than warm (which is something that I usually go for). I can already see myself wearing this a lot especially when the weather gets more cold again.


Left: Prim Right: Dopey

Prim – I got this as a free sample and I was so happy with it when I swatched it to my hand. I have been searching for a perfect red lipstick and this filled all my needs. I absolutely love how it looks on my lips but it was so hard to apply on and it just smudged all over. But I will live with it because I love the color so much.

Dopey – This shade I thought I would hate but I fell in love with it. It’s really flattering soft pink and oh how easily and evenly it applied on. I think it’s really wearable and anyone could pull it off.


Left: TooLips Right: Magic Wand

TooLips – This one is way too dark for me. It makes my skin look really pale, which is something that I don’t want especially now that it’s summer. It’s really beautiful purplish shade, I just don’t see myself wearing it.

Magic Wand – This shade is really plain nude and I don’t know if I like it or not. Online the color looked more pink but actually it’s really warm beige.  For me it feels wrong to wear this light color but then again somehow I have ended up putting it on quite a few times already.



As I earlier mentioned I also bought Colourpop’s lippie stix in shade Boys Town and a matching lip pencil to go with it. The formula of the lippie stix is soft and creamy which I like, but it fades away really easily. The lip pencil in other hand is very pigmented and it leaves clean lines. The shade is such a nice everyday color and definitely my favorite from everything that brought. What a surprise since I am sucker for nice nude shades.

So that’s all about my Colourpop haul/review, hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. What was your favorite shade? Also check out my lipstick favorites if you want to see more of my lipstick rambles (got some killer nude shades there).




18 thoughts on “Huge colourpop lippie haul + reviews”

  1. Prim is such a pretty red tone! I love it on you! I’ve been dying to try some more colour pop lippies, I bought some back in the winter and was so disappointed in the color tones I chose but loved the formula, I need to retry it. It’s just so hard to choose colors just by seeing them online lol the struggle!

    xo, JJ

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  2. The shades online are very different when you receive them which disappoints me too and makes the ordering twice harder! Prim as a shade is so pretty, I love it 😍


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