Rocking streets with heels

If you follow my blog you might have already noticed that I don’t wear heels. I am sneakers kinda girl, but I do admire heels. Every now and then I really wish I owned a few pairs of heels because lets just face it, some outfits need heels to make them complete. I graduated a year ago and since it was kind of big thing I had to buy heels with my dress. I wore them that one time and then left them to collect dust. Now a year later it was time to take them out and rock the streets with heels.




Block heels – Nelly  //  Jeans – Zara // T-shit – BikBok // Backpack – Zara (similar)

So many bloggers and people in general wear heels in daily basis. They look comfortable  and casual in them. How? I will never know. I personally can wear heels only for couple hours before I am ready to kick them off from my numb feet. But I was ready to take the risk for my blog and just because, well they are gorgeous. I got them from (which in my opinion is one of the best online stores/resellers). I love that they are block heeled and got that casual but chic sandal vibe going on. Also never have I ever thought that I would love dusty pink color.

I think the heels are perfect match for my light blue denims. Those jeans got that street style what describes my personal style very well. I have been a big fan of rips in jeans for a couple years now, I hope they never go out of style. And even if they did I would still wear them since most of my jeans got some sort of rips in them. I don’t know about you but I have struggled to find good pair of mom jeans. They just never fit me nicely. I accidentally found these from sale from Zara (surprise surprise). And have been loving them since, because lets just face it – mom jeans are ‘the thing’ right now.



This outfit is a combination of something that you see on me quite ofthen but also it has a pinch of something that I wear rarely. Honestly this outfit was such a rule breaker for me and I loved it. We will see if I keep this going on for the next posts or fall back to basis.



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Ps. Sorry about the bad quality of some pictures. I have new camera (yay) and I am still figuring out how to use it. Would you like to see a blog post about it or is it too boring?


25 thoughts on “Rocking streets with heels”

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