Let’s talk Instagram – how to craft beautiful feed

Feed is a word that’s on everyone’s lips when it comes to Instagram. When you click someones profile first thing you see is their overall feed. If it’s visually appealing you will more likely hit the follow button. So Basically your nine most recent pictures tell everything about your Instagram. But of course the big picture matters too.

I every now and then get asked about my Instagram feed, how I edit my pictures and  how I keep it in shape. Questions like that put big smile on my face because it shows that someone actually pays attention to my outcome. My feed is all about brownish and neutral shades and (right now) pinch of blue. I want my pictures to have good quality. So   yes, I do put effort to my feed which is why I wanted to do a little guide for better and prettier Instagram feed.



My Instagram – ughmango

Light is everything

Taking pictures with natural light leads to pictures with good quality. Don’t try to take them late in the evening when the sun has already set, you will more likely end up with dark and blurry pictures. If you get a vision for perfect picture right before you are going to bed, just simply wait for the next day. Your feed will thank for it later.


For years I didn’t use filters. I didn’t know how to use editing apps and filters so it just felt more natural to leave them all out. But couple months ago I wanted to take the next step and try out a feed with filter. The most important thing about filters is to not overuse them. Pick the amount of how much you want to use one filter (usually you can adjust it) and stick with the same amount in every picture. Pick few filters that you want to use and that match together, even though there is so much pretty ones out there do not try to use them all at the same time.  And remember that not all of your pictures need to include filter, some are perfect the way they are.







Backgrounds matter

If you want to take a picture of something really simple like your lipstick, the background is just as important as the lipstick. If the background is ‘busy’, full of color that usually does not show in your feed or shadowy it’s just won’t work out. Take your time and search for background that is visually pleasing. White wall is always a good idea. Also buying few surfaces won’t harm anyone. I for example own something marble and something wooden that I use as backgrounds.

Follow a theme

When I go out to take pictures it’s easy for me to search for a spot or wall that matches my feed. I know what colors match my feed and what kind of pictures will fit in. Just set few rules for yourself that you will follow with your feed. For example pick few colors that you will stick to, not all your pictures need to have those tones included, just make sure they appear often enough to keep the feed wrapped together. I’m personally not into colorful feeds, but some people handle matching lots of colors together so well which makes their Instagram look amazing.




Plan your feed

I have created private Instagram account to make sure that my next picture matches with my feed. Some people think this is too much but I find it really comforting. If I have lots of new pictures that are waiting to be posted I can just simply plan their publishing order. It also helps you to see if the picture that you are about to post has the same color tone as your former ones.

Let your feed live on

Don’t try to force something that’s just not working out anymore. If there is a theme you have stick to for ages but your resent pictures just don’t seem to fit in anymore, let it go. Your feed should live on just like you do.




But most importantly love what you post

There will always be pictures that just won’t match your feed no matter how much you want them to. But that should be the case only every now and then. You need to be into the pictures you are posting since it’s your Instagram. And people will see through you if you post something to just fit in. Find your inspiration.

A trick to make a picture that just won’t fit in match with your feed: Use black&white filter. It always works out. 




Hope this was at least a little helpful. And please remember that these are things that matter to me when it comes to Instagram, I know they are not important to everyone. Comment below what is your key to successful Instagram feed and please share more tips to craft beautiful pictures.




33 thoughts on “Let’s talk Instagram – how to craft beautiful feed”

  1. That’s very helpful, unfortunately I can never stick to a particular theme, as my posts are always somehow vibrant by themselves… oops. (btw, followed here and on instagram xx)


  2. You have an amazing feed. This was interesting to read. I started my Instagram as a fitness account documenting my progress. It’s now got random images of me modelling and stuff. I just call it lifestyle haha. x


  3. Such good things to take note of! I always come across such pretty instas where they use a consistent pretty filter, color scheme, and lighting and I always always wonder how they get every single picture to look like that. Lauren Conrad is a good example of that (do you know her?) I feel like my insta is so deep that it’d be too late to follow a theme. Butttt you are absolutely right on the lighting, lighting really is everything! Now I feel like I want to vamp my page up lol

    xo, JJ


    1. I haven’t heard about Lauren Conrad before but I just checked her insagram and ohmygod her feed is so pretty 😍 It’s never too late to change your feed, but then again if you like what you post why should you haha!! I really like your ig, your posts are so real if you know what I mean 😊!! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love this post, I’m not great at instagram, Ive been trying so hard to keep up a theme and not feel the need to upload everyday but to post what I love and enjoy.


  5. Great advice! Especially when you spoke about growing with your feed, instead of forcing your style into one specific category, color, etc. I agree that your ig feed should evolve as you and your personal style does! Thanks for all the useful tips, loved this post!


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