I have adored Monki’s clothes since the day it arrived to finland. I love how they stand up for mixing together whatever you want to wear, and their clothes just put a smile on your face. Monki never let’s me down, every time I step into their store I walk out with something nice that I couldn’t resist buying. And I happen to have a friend who is the same (lucky me).

A while ago she discovered a competition from Monki’s Instagram where they wanted people to share pictures with friends using a tag #monkistyletwinning. And of course, as a huge Monki lovers we wanted to take part of it. It wasn’t too hard to find matching pieces from our wardrobes. Heh heh. The pictures we took turned out really nice and pretty so I had to share them here too.




Twinning trousers – Monki

Give some love to our competition pictures here if you like, ughmango (my picture) vilmahautecouture (my friend’s picture).




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