Spring favorites from Zara


Hello munchkins! I know there has been lack of posts lately, which I am really bummed about because I love to write and produce content for my blog. I just have been so busy with other things lately that I haven’t had time to properly sit down with my computer and write. Thankfully spring goes on and I am back and ready to roll! So now let me introduce you to my few current favorite pieces from Zara that I can’t stop wearing!




First of all I want to mention this perfect leather jacket that I have found. I have a love-hate relationship with leather jackets, I used to live in one when I was younger but I grew out of it. Along that I just started to hate them, I felt like they were too mainstream. Now things have changed and I have had huge need to buy a new one, and oh how long it took before I found the one that met my expectations. I was really picky, I didn’t want it to have too much of biker vibes but at the same time I wanted it to be detailed. Gladly Zara never lets me down and after a while of twirling around there I took it home along with way too many other pieces.



This oversized shirt is for sure my favorite piece from my wardrobe right now. I love the cute frill details on the sides and those small dark blue buttons on the front. It’s also really flowy and just huge which is really different from shirts that I usually wear. I honestly could wear it everyday, which I almost do but shh.. And to make sure that I glam this shirt enough can I just point out how well I think it goes with my leather jacket, because it really does.



And since the idea of this blog post was to show my favorite zara pieces, I need to mention the jeans that I am wearing. I am obsessed with ripped jeans, I got some mom jeans with rips, some boyfriend jeans with rips and few blue denims with rips. Only ones that were missing was black skinny jeans with rips. Now when I’ve got them, I can’t stop wearing them because let’s just face it, they look good with everything.

How lucky I am to have all of my favorite pieces matching so well together? Might have bought them all at once.. Heh heh. Anyway thank you for stopping by, if there still is people behind the screen.

Ps. I have been nominated for few blog awards (you know?) that I am really excited to post here, so look forward to that. Also I am so close to 200 followers, how crazy is that??xoxo


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20 thoughts on “Spring favorites from Zara”

  1. I just love how all the black (pants, shoes, jacket, purse) just makes your top stand out that much more! Gosh that top looks so comfortable. I’m all about loose and baggy and the cute little frills along the underarm and sides adds some nice sass 🙂 Great style!!!

    xo, JJ


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