What a color bomb


Wait it’s just the background that’s colorful.. oops. Ha, did I fool you? No? Okay. I just happen to love black and since I am sticking with that I need to find beautiful places for photo shoots to make these posts worth the read. Luckily Helsinki is full of beautiful architecture so I won’t run out of places where to take pictures (not soon at least). Let’s just say that if you ever see me posting about outfit that does not include anything black, something is not right. Just kidding, I hope spring will bring color into my wardrobe, hehe.





Finland is the place to be when it comes to weater that fools you. I thought it was warm outside when we went to take these pictures, but is was freeeeezing. It wasn’t the best idea to wear ripped jeans, sneakers, bomber jacket and no scarf or gloves. I was 100 percent sure that my hands would fall off my body whilst taking these pictures, gladly they didn’t.

It’s the first time I am wearing my Longchamp backpack when it comes to the pictures that I share in my blog. I don’t know why I am wearing it only now because let’s just face it – it’s gorgeous. I was obsessed with Longchamp bags years ago, but then when Michael Kors bags and other similar brands broke through I found Longchamp tacky. Now when  Longchamp has renewed their collections their bags have made their way back into my life.



Let’s ramble little bit more about the outfit. Since I was wearing brown backpack which I wanted to stand out, I kept my outfit quite simple as always. I pulled on my warmest sweater that matched perfectly with my new sneakers. I got those beauties from River Island’s sale and I am obsessed with them. They are different from the ones that I usually wear (which are Vans and Converse) so you will see them more in the future for sure.

To add the good amount of black I wore my beloved bomber jacket and my new ripped jeans. And what comes to ripped jeans, I am more than happy to be able to wear them again since it’s ‘spring’, they just bring that small twist into the outfit.


Bomber jacket – Bershka // Jeans –Zara // Trainers – River Island // Sweater – BikBok // Backpack – Logchamp 

I hope you enjoyed this post, after weeks of my silence. Thank you if you are sticking with me.



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