Breakfast in bed | Overnight oats

Hello lovely people. I am still alive even though there have been a lack of posts lately. I just struggle with my camera so much, I can’t get good quality pictures and it bothers me. I often borrow my friends’ camera but I can’t do that all the time of course. So please try to stick with me until I get new good camera!


Yesterday morning I managed to get some decent pictures of my lovely breakfast. It was one of those perfect mornings when sun is shining and you just feel so fresh and happy. I started my morning by going for a run. It was great decision because the weather was so nice. I didn’t have any other plans for rest of the day than relax and that’s exactly what I did. I had my breakfast in fridge all ready so I just had to make (christmas) tea and grab something to read (which ended up being old ELLE, oops) and then I was all settled to cuddle in bed.

My so called lovely breakfast was overnight oats, and I can tell you that I am not big fan of porridges. I didn’t have high hopes for this breakfast, obviously, but it did surprise me. I don’t think you can even compare overnight oat with porridge because they taste so different. Overnight oats’ texture is more like pudding than porridge and it’s much creamier, and basically it’s just tastier. Also it’s very quick and easy to make. This sounds like some sale speech but seriously I am blown away and dying to share the method with you. So here is five simple steps you need to follow to make delicious overnight oats:

  1. You need 1dl/ one cup of rolled oats.
  2. 1dl/ one cup of your choice of milk or water
  3. 1dl/ one cup of your choice of ‘paste’. For example greek yoghurt, berries, banana or unsweetened coconut.
  4. And for last but not least, to bring some flavor you need one table spoon of cocoa, honey, vanilla sugar, crumbled peanuts, cinnamon or whatever you like.
  5. Then just mix everything properly together and let it rest in fridge for overnight.

My overnight oat consisted rolled oats, milk, chopped banana, cinnamon and pinch of vanilla sugar. On the top I had persimmon. Definitely a worth of trying, believe me.

This is really a simple method to make overnight oats. If you want to take it to another level and make something with more ingredients you can find lots of delicious recipes online, as always nowadays haha.

Hope you had lovely weekend!



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10 thoughts on “Breakfast in bed | Overnight oats”

  1. That sounds and looks so good. I’ve never actually made my own, I usually just get premade one but now that I know it’s so simple I feel like I might as well make it myself now. I love the idea of putting honey in it, hmmmm! Good call!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is simple, you should try making it by yourself it takes only two minutes I promise 😁 I haven’t tried honey in it yet myself because I am so obsessed with cinnamon but I need to give that a shot too! (Also I am so sorry if you have received million comments to your blog from me, my phone just keeps telling me that sending a comment fails so I have tried zillion times 🤔)


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