Metallics? Yes!


When it comes to metallics, you can count me in! I especially love everything that’s silver metallic, but I am open for copper, gold, foil and such things. As long as it’s something shiny. This time of the year is perfect to get excited about metallic trends, you can’t overdo  them.




Backpack – Primark // Coat – Monki // Pompom – New Look // Jeans – River Island (similar) // Shoes – DinSko

This backpack was one of those finds that you first hesitate but after leaving it to the store you can’t get it out of your head so you have to go back and buy it. I bought it from Primark, so I got it for a decent price. It’s one of those ‘endless’ bags where you can fit in everything. I love the look of it. It’s really simple but beautiful which makes the backpack easy to match with everything.

I wanted to keep my outfit plain so the bag would really pop out. Dark coat and slightly ripped blue jeans felt like right way to go. The outfit did end up little boring, but at least it does justice for the backpack.

I think everyone’s gone crazy with the fluffy pompoms. So I joined the club. I know the pompom is little oversized but I find it adorable. Besides it matches with my backpack perfectly.


As you can see from the pictures, christmas has arrived to Finland. There are beautiful lights everywhere and festive music is playing in the stores. Inspired by that we took our christmas tree out from storage and decorated it. I know it’s still early because it’s not even december yet, but oh well you get to experience christmas only once a year!

You can follow me on instagram (ughmango) to see my christmas related photos (more like instgram stories..) and so much more! Also I am going all festive in my weheartit (ughmango) so follow me there too if you like  🙂





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