Pinch of sparkle


Buying clothes isn’t just buying clothes, it’s buying happiness.

Those were my feelings exactly when I purchased this coat. I had a long coat in my mind for ages but the perfect one just didn’t come along, no matter how many stores I went through.  Finally when I travelled to London I had chance to discover lots of new stores that we don’t have in Finland. And oh, you don’t even know how happy I was when I found this perfect piece from New Look.



The whole time I was looking for a coat I thought I wanted it to be grey, but when I saw this one I literally fell in love with the beige color. I first thought beige wouldn’t match with most of my clothes (which are all black so what was I thinking?), but honestly it goes with everything just as well as grey coat would go. Besides, beige is such a nice color for autumn.

As you can see I am matching this coat with one of my many black clothes. I am obsessed with the dress. It’s black velvet, and honestly you can never go wrong with that. Not even if you tried.




Coat – New Look // Velvet dress – New Look // Shoes – Primark // Bag – Michael Kors

I never thought I would wear gold metallic shoes, but when I saw these I couldn’t resist myself. They costed only twelve euros so I thought I could buy them and not feel bad even if I never worn them. Little did I know, they ended up being my go-to-shoes with this coat. They are not too outstanding which is perfect for my taste. They still have the casual look even though the pattern is gold metallic. Besides metallics seem to be ‘the thing’ this fall/winter so these shoes give my outfit just the right amount of sparkle.




8 thoughts on “Pinch of sparkle”

  1. I am so in love with this outfit! It’s really simple and chic, which makes it look really effortless! The coat looks lovely on you and seems to be the perfect length! I always have trouble finding one that hits my leg at the right place. And it’s really hard to believe those trainers are from Primark – they look super cute and waaaay more high-end! Hope you had a lovely time in London ☺️ xx

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    1. Thank you so much ❤️ I am really glad I found coat with good length, because I am really short hah. And I really did have good time in London, love that city!!


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