King of skin

I was shopping with my sister a while ago and we found our way to Lush store. Every time I step in there I can’t stop myself from buying something. I have few products that I buy from there regularly, but mostly I love discovering something new to try. This time I got little carried away and bought bunch of products. I wanted to do haul/review about them because Lush never lets me down and their products deserve little praising.


First before I get into the products that I bought I want to say few words about Lush. Their products are 100% vegetarian and they fight against animal testing. All their products are handmade just to make sure that everything is as fresh as possible. Also they use naked packaging. It means that most of their products don’t have package at all. The ones that are in package are made from recyclable, reusable or compostable materials. It really warms my heart that some brands put this much effort into their cosmetics, and that is why I will never stop buying (and supporting) Lush, woo!

Now after I got to share my love for them, let’s talk about the cosmetics that I bought!


This shower gel is one of those products that I keep buying over and over again. I am obsessed with the smell of it. It’s just heaven in a bottle.. Also it works well for my skin, leaving it smooth and fresh after every use. I haven’t even bothered to try other shower gels from Lush because I know none of them can beat this one, hah.


I already knew I would try this body scrub out when I saw it included avocado butter. Avocado is one of my favorite fruits so I support everything that has it in it. I have used this scrub few times now and I am really happy with it. It leaves my skin soft and smooth. I love how fresh the paste smells, but my sister couldn’t stand it. She said it smelled too clean? (what? irk!)

Cold weather mixed with my job where I need to wash my hands non-stop, ain’t good for my poor little hands. They are really dry all the time which is why this product caught my eye. Also this includes avocado too, yay. I dropped the mask into bowl and poured hot water over it, then plunged my hands there and let them soak in the creamy lotion for a long while. Honestly, it made my hands feel so soft that I definitely would use it again.


Avobath // Twilight

I am not big fan of bathing so I need my bath to look and be like a place where I really relax. To get my baths even more dashing I usually mix bath bombs and bubble bars together. I love watching the bomb to color the bath, it’s really enchanting. Also bath bombs (and bubble bars) leave lovely smell to the bathroom.

I tried my avobath one already and it colored the water green, what a surprise. It wasn’t the most beautiful bath I have been to but I had to try it out because, once again, it included avocado.

In general I think bath bombs give nice final touch for your bath. I recommend trying them out if you haven’t already!

Hope this didn’t end up too long and boring, but I just have so much love for Lush!





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