Rainy days

Hello lovely people. As you can probably guess from the title I am going to complain about the Finnish weather once again. We really thought it was good idea to do a photo shoot in rain. Turned out, it wasn’t. I mean, now when I look back to this day I wonder how we even managed to get proper pictures. It was really windy, my hair was on my face (and in my mouth) most of the time. Also it was freezing cold and it felt like the rain came from every possible direction. The clothes that I was wearing weren’t warm enough. Gladly I don’t think you can see that from the pictures. And anyway, what wouldn’t you put yourself through for a blog post, right?



Now after a little weather complaining that I do way too often in my blog, lets get into the outfit. I feel like I have overused jeans with holes in both knees, so the denim ones with only one rip are just perfect! I haven’t used them too much because they are mid rise from the legs. They didn’t look good with low shoes like vans. But now when the weather for boots have arrived, I have used these jeans nonstop.

I am definitely out of my comfort zone when I wear blue jeans, because I am black-everything kinda girl. But as you can see everything else in this outfit is black. So still close to my comfort zone, whoops.




I feel like I have worn my black Michael Kors handbag in most of my blog posts, but how can I help myself when it goes with literally everything? I love Michael Kors bags in general because they are really simple. You can combine them with casual outfits but they go also perfectly with more fancy clothing. I am not even ashamed to admit that I have couple Michael Kors bags. I prefer buying few expensive bags and wearing only those,   than owning like million cheaper bags that I use every now and then. But oh well that is just my opinion.


Jeans – Zara // Coat – Monki // Shirt – Monki // Bag – Michael Kors  // Boots – DinSko




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