Cosy and classy






Wool coat – Seppälä // shirt – Monki  //denim skirt – Monki // shoulder bag – Michael Kors // shoes – Clou

This outfit is probably one of my favorites for fall season. I feel like the colors just do justice for autumn. For me this is colorful because of the denim skirt and wool coat, but I am sure that many of you don’t really agree with that. I will just never be one of those people who match several different colors and still rock that outfit.

When this denim skirt trend first came, I didn’t think it was for me. Somehow I ended up buying a skirt anyway and we have had love-hate relationship since then. I really like how it fits me and it basically looks good with most of my clothes. Also it does not bother me that it’s not flexible at all. I could say it’s perfect but there is small minus in it. It’s short, which was a problem on summer time. Now when I can wear tights and big long coats with it the shortness is not a bother anymore. My wool coat was perfect match for that skirt, because it meets the standards. Hah. I think the colors just look nice with each other which makes them look even more better together.

Of course I wore black tights because as I said in my former post they are just big part of  what I wear around fall season. My lace shoes and the Michael Kors bag gave little bit more classy vibes for my outfit, which I really liked. They were the final touch, you know.

xo Jasmin



7 thoughts on “Cosy and classy”

  1. Love the color combination! I was also a bit sceptic to the entire denim skirt trend, but now I’m obsessed! Also, Monki has so many cool things – this reminded me that I need to go back there soon! Great blog! xx


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