Autumn closet cleaning

Autumn comes really quickly here in Finland. Lately the temperature has been dropping a lot and it really makes me want to pull on a sweater and warm socks. Few days ago I actually wore woolen socks at work, maybe it was too soon for that but I couldn’t help myself. After that, I came to the conclusion that it was time to sort out my clothes for upcoming fall/winter season. Some of you probably feel like I am way too early with this but I was more than ready to leave my summer clothes behind. Besides my wardrobe needed little cleaning anyway.


I have always the same problem when it comes to cleaning my closet: I don’t dare to throw anything away. I always find excuses to keep all my clothes, even if I hadn’t worn them in years. This time I pulled myself together and actually got somewhere with my (way too full) closet. I wanted to share five simple tips how to sort out your closet if you have the same problem as I do or if you need to make room for new beautiful pieces…  😉

  1. First of all, turn on some good music and get yourself something to drink and maybe even some snacks. We all know this will take a while.
  2. When you take out all your clothes (even the ones that you have hidden to the back of your closet) sort them to three piles: The ones you want to keep, the ones you are putting away for now and the ones that you are going to give away. Also just cruelly throw away clothes that are damaged or worn out.
  3. While going through your clothes make sure you are only keeping the ones that you are actually going to wear. Be relentless with yourself. If you are struggling with a piece of clothing, ask yourself the hard questions: “Have you worn it within a year?” and “Does it fit you well?”.
  4. Keep an eye on your clothes, maybe even make a list of the ones that need replacing. If you have a piece that you love but you don’t have anything to wear with it make sure you buy something to match with it next time you go shopping.
  5. When you are putting your clothes back into the closet make sure you have assorted them according to their purpose (work clothes, casuals, formal clothing etc.) or  according to their type (trousers, shirts, skirts etc.). It’s so much easier to find clothes from your wardrobe if they are systematically sorted.

So yeah, thats all about it. I hope this is useful for someone at least!

Ps. I was planning on taking before and after pictures but my closet was so messy that I didn’t dare to do that. So I had to stick with these plain pictures and bad lightning. Sorry!





6 thoughts on “Autumn closet cleaning”

  1. I wish I was this organised!! I really need a wardrobe cleanse. Great post! Check out my blog award post, there may be a little surprise for you there 😉 x


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