img_6208Top – Brandy&Melville // Trousers – BikBok // Platform heels – Dinsko

I fell in love with these trousers immediately when I saw them hanging on the sale section. They kind of reminded me of Tommy Hilfiger’s clothes, don’t ask why. I don’t remember how much they costed but they were cheap enough to just buy without much of thinking. I don’t regret buying them, but I have worn them only once, oops.

These trousers don’t reach the ankles and they have wide legs. They are also little bit more ‘fancy’ than my other pants, so vans didn’t look good with them. They needed splashy shoes. Gladly my platform heels were the perfect match for them. I feel like they made the outfit look more interesting and out standing.

Ps. These pictures were taken on a rainy day, which is why the lightning is what it is. Also I am blaming the rain for my messy hair.

Pictures by Vilma


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