Little bit something new


Few weeks ago I ordered some makeup from cocopanda, which is a Finnish online reseller. For me spending too much money can’t be avoided when it comes to buying makeup. Lucky for me (and my bank account) cocopanda has lot of products on sale so I made good finds from there. I have been absolutely loving everything I bought so I thought I could do little haul/review.


Lets start with my favorite of them all, Mary-Lou Manizer by the Balm. I have been searching for a good highlighter a while now and when I saw this one I just had to get it. I know the Balm’s products have really good quality so I knew this one wouldn’t let me down. And yes it was little more pricy but it was totally worth it. It has good pigment and it gives my skin soft and beautiful sheer glow – just what I was looking for.


From top to the bottom (my arm) Istanbul, Tiramisu and Copenhagen

Next the lips. I have been using quite neutral colors in my lips lately, basically just different shades of brown. But now when the autumn is coming darker shades appeal to me the most. That is why my favorite of these three is Copenhagen, the dark purple one. That is why my favorite of these three is Copenhagen, the dark purple one. Both of the soft matte lip creams feel smooth on the lips and they are easy to apply. You do have to re-apply them after an hour or two but that’s normal with liquid lipsticks.

The butter gloss wasn’t really for me, I love the color but I am too into matte lip products right now. It felt sticky on the lips and it was way too glossy for my taste.


Before this contour palette I owned only few bronzers and since contour has been huge trend nowadays I wanted to give it a shot too. If I remember right this palette costed only  8 euros so it was really good for my budget. It’s not the best you could have, but it works for me. The brown in the middle goes well with my skin so I have been using that the most. The yellow one works well with dark circles and the highlighter on top right gives slight glow for your skin.


I have lot of veins around my eyes (especially in my eyelids) and I have always had dark circles underneath my eyes so as you can guess they are really hard to cover with makeup. And believe me I have tried everything. So I was really glad to discover this new product (at least for me) by Lumene. It’s really easy to apply and it’s long-lasting. I feel like it’s actually covering the dark circles, so I am happy with it.

I don’t have much to say about the eyelid primer. It does it’s job that’s all. I bought it mostly because of  the pretty packaging. It reminds me of benefit which is my favorite makeup brand for many reasons. Hah.

I would recommend to visit cocopanda, my order came really fast and it wasn’t damaged at all. Also if you spend over 40 euros you don’t have to pay for the shipping so that’s big plus.


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