Wavy all the way




Blouse – weekday // Culottes – Zara // Shoes – Vans

I have finally learned to love my wide-leg culottes from Zara. When I bought them I couldn’t find anything to match with them and I wanted to return them, but I never did that. Now I’m just glad. These culottes are everything you could ask for. They are high-wasted which is a big plus and since they are black every color goes with them. But if you have read my blog you can see that I am hooked with neutral colors. This outfit is another proof of that, hah. Too bad that I discovered this culotte trend only now, when the weather here is getting cold. These trousers are made to use around summer time for sure, because the fabric is thin and you can feel the wind through them. But maybe the weather gets better again and I can use these more, you never know..

Also, me and my friend Vilma found this beautiful part of Helsinki where we have been taking pictures and wandering around a lot lately. There are cute apartments and buildings behind every corner. These pictures are from there too, surprise surprise and all the credit  of them goes to Vilma once again. You can check out her blog from here.



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