Autumn vibes






Bomber jacket – Bershka // Dress – Zara // Combat boots – Din Sko // Backpack – Kånken

Some people would say it’s still summer, but I’m not one of them. I have never really enjoyed the hot weather and showing bare skin. I am more cold weather kinda girl. That is why I’m glad fall is coming and I can start to wear tights and knee-high socks.

The outfit above is for sure going to be my ‘go-to’ outfit for autumn. I am loving that emerald-green dress, the color is just perfect for colder weather. The dress was one of those finds that you hesitate at first but then you find yourself wearing it all the time. Also so much love for my bomber jacket which is from Bershka. I really like the fabric since it’s matte finish, not shiny. The jacket goes with everything so what a surprise that I have been wearing it nonstop after I bought it.

I have had my combat boots for three years and I will never get tired of them. They go well with everything so it was easy to match them with my dress. Black tights and the Kånken backpack were the nice finishing touch which gave the outfit little more autumn vibes.

 Photos by Vilma


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