Fall in love with Helsinki

Over a week ago my friend from Holland came to Finland. She was staying here couple days so we had little time to explore Helsinki (which was nice since I don’t do that much even though I live here). We visited really cute places so I wanted to share some of our time with you.




First place was HAM – Helsinki Art Museum. It was a place full of confusing art. I wondered around with mixed feelings, sometimes feeling happy sometimes uncomfortable. But isn’t that the point? Art gives everyone different experience.

This might sound little silly but my favorite part of the museum was definitely the bathroom. It had pretty colors as you can see from the picture above and the mirror said “you don’t know how beautiful you are”. It was a part of exhabition too and it was just so cute.



We also visited Museum of Broken Relationships. The Museum consists of items and stories behind them that are related to broken relationships. It was really interesting to read what people around the world had experienced. There was stories written with pain, humor, bitterness, relief and so much more. They also had a book there where you could share your own story of love and loss. It was adorable.

I recommend everyone to visit this museum, it won’t let you down I promise.




At last I want to say little bit about this beautiful harbor in Eira, Helsinki. We  had to do some walking to get there but it was totally worth it because the weather was so nice. We bought ice creams and just sat there watching people who walked by. It was great end for the day.

Incase someone wants to know my dress is from Zara. I had finally chance to wear it since it was warm and sunny. I usually don’t go for v-necks but this dress was just too pretty not to buy. Heh. And of course I had my black Vans on, they are basically the only shoes I wear.

Anyway I had great time discovering Helsinki, and if you live here or ever decide to come for a visit you really should check these places out!


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