Let’s talk Instagram – how to craft beautiful feed


Feed is a word that’s on everyone’s lips when it comes to Instagram. When you click someones profile first thing you see is their overall feed. If it’s visually appealing you will more likely hit the follow button. So Basically your nine most recent pictures tell everything about your Instagram. But of course the big picture matters too.

I every now and then get asked about my Instagram feed, how I edit my pictures and  how I keep it in shape. Questions like that put big smile on my face because it shows that someone actually pays attention to my outcome. My feed is all about brownish and neutral shades and (right now) pinch of blue. I want my pictures to have good quality. So   yes, I do put effort to my feed which is why I wanted to do a little guide for better and prettier Instagram feed.

My Instagram – ughmango

Light is everything

Taking pictures with natural light leads to pictures with good quality. Don’t try to take them late in the evening when the sun has already set, you will more likely end up with dark and blurry pictures. If you get a vision for perfect picture right before you are going to bed, just simply wait for the next day. Your feed will thank for it later.


For years I didn’t use filters. I didn’t know how to use editing apps and filters so it just felt more natural to leave them all out. But couple months ago I wanted to take the next step and try out a feed with filter. The most important thing about filters is to not overuse them. Pick the amount of how much you want to use one filter (usually you can adjust it) and stick with the same amount in every picture. Pick few filters that you want to use and that match together, even though there is so much pretty ones out there do not try to use them all at the same time.  And remember that not all of your pictures need to include filter, some are perfect the way they are.



Backgrounds matter

If you want to take a picture of something really simple like your lipstick, the background is just as important as the lipstick. If the background is ‘busy’, full of color that usually does not show in your feed or shadowy it’s just won’t work out. Take your time and search for background that is visually pleasing. White wall is always a good idea. Also buying few surfaces won’t harm anyone. I for example own something marble and something wooden that I use as backgrounds.

Follow a theme

When I go out to take pictures it’s easy for me to search for a spot or wall that matches my feed. I know what colors match my feed and what kind of pictures will fit in. Just set few rules for yourself that you will follow with your feed. For example pick few colors that you will stick to, not all your pictures need to have those tones included, just make sure they appear often enough to keep the feed wrapped together. I’m personally not into colorful feeds, but some people handle matching lots of colors together so well which makes their Instagram look amazing.


Plan your feed

I have created private Instagram account to make sure that my next picture matches with my feed. Some people think this is too much but I find it really comforting. If I have lots of new pictures that are waiting to be posted I can just simply plan their publishing order. It also helps you to see if the picture that you are about to post has the same color tone as your former ones.

Let your feed live on

Don’t try to force something that’s just not working out anymore. If there is a theme you have stick to for ages but your resent pictures just don’t seem to fit in anymore, let it go. Your feed should live on just like you do.


But most importantly love what you post

There will always be pictures that just won’t match your feed no matter how much you want them to. But that should be the case only every now and then. You need to be into the pictures you are posting since it’s your Instagram. And people will see through you if you post something to just fit in. Find your inspiration.

A trick to make a picture that just won’t fit in match with your feed: Use black&white filter. It always works out. 


Hope this was at least a little helpful. And please remember that these are things that matter to me when it comes to Instagram, I know they are not important to everyone. Comment below what is your key to successful Instagram feed and please share more tips to craft beautiful pictures.




I have adored Monki’s clothes since the day it arrived to finland. I love how they stand up for mixing together whatever you want to wear, and their clothes just put a smile on your face. Monki never let’s me down, every time I step into their store I walk out with something nice that I couldn’t resist buying. And I happen to have a friend who is the same (lucky me).

A while ago she discovered a competition from Monki’s Instagram where they wanted people to share pictures with friends using a tag #monkistyletwinning. And of course, as a huge Monki lovers we wanted to take part of it. It wasn’t too hard to find matching pieces from our wardrobes. Heh heh. The pictures we took turned out really nice and pretty so I had to share them here too.




Twinning trousers – Monki

Give some love to our competition pictures here if you like, ughmango (my picture) vilmahautecouture (my friend’s picture).



Spring favorites from Zara


Hello munchkins! I know there has been lack of posts lately, which I am really bummed about because I love to write and produce content for my blog. I just have been so busy with other things lately that I haven’t had time to properly sit down with my computer and write. Thankfully spring goes on and I am back and ready to roll! So now let me introduce you to my few current favorite pieces from Zara that I can’t stop wearing!




First of all I want to mention this perfect leather jacket that I have found. I have a love-hate relationship with leather jackets, I used to live in one when I was younger but I grew out of it. Along that I just started to hate them, I felt like they were too mainstream. Now things have changed and I have had huge need to buy a new one, and oh how long it took before I found the one that met my expectations. I was really picky, I didn’t want it to have too much of biker vibes but at the same time I wanted it to be detailed. Gladly Zara never lets me down and after a while of twirling around there I took it home along with way too many other pieces.



This oversized shirt is for sure my favorite piece from my wardrobe right now. I love the cute frill details on the sides and those small dark blue buttons on the front. It’s also really flowy and just huge which is really different from shirts that I usually wear. I honestly could wear it everyday, which I almost do but shh.. And to make sure that I glam this shirt enough can I just point out how well I think it goes with my leather jacket, because it really does.



And since the idea of this blog post was to show my favorite zara pieces, I need to mention the jeans that I am wearing. I am obsessed with ripped jeans, I got some mom jeans with rips, some boyfriend jeans with rips and few blue denims with rips. Only ones that were missing was black skinny jeans with rips. Now when I’ve got them, I can’t stop wearing them because let’s just face it, they look good with everything.

How lucky I am to have all of my favorite pieces matching so well together? Might have bought them all at once.. Heh heh. Anyway thank you for stopping by, if there still is people behind the screen.

Ps. I have been nominated for few blog awards (you know?) that I am really excited to post here, so look forward to that. Also I am so close to 200 followers, how crazy is that??xoxo


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15 questions that will make you think

“The question is just as important as the answer”

I thought it was time to write something else, something really different from what I usually write here in my blog. I don’t know where this idea actually came from but I thought it would be fun to write a blog post that will make everyone think a little. There are lot of hard questions out there that we prefer to ignore. We might be afraid of our answers or we just simply don’t want to put time in thinking about our deepest thoughts. Well sometimes it’s good to just pause everything and and give yourself some time to simmer down. So here are fifteen questions, that will make you take a minute and think about you, your life, people around you and the world.

And yes I know some of you will just quickly scroll down the questions, but that’s okay because the ones that need to stand out for you will do, for sure.

  1. What is love to you?
  2. Do you usually follow your heart or your head?
  3. Are you holding onto something that you need to let go of?
  4. Do animals have less fear because they live without words?
  5. Will tomorrow be just another day?
  6. Are you living your life or having a life?
  7. Is trust more important than love?
  8. If karma was coming back to you, would it help you or hurt you?
  9. When did your heart last ‘skip a beat’?
  10. Do you push elevator button more than once? Do you really believe it makes the elevator faster?
  11. Have you been the kind of friend you want as a friend?
  12. Why does pizza come in square box?
  13. Should you be focused on today or tomorrow?
  14. What lies do you most often tell yourself?
  15. Decisions are being made all the time, the question is are you making them for yourself or are you letting others make them for you?

Please share your thoughts because I really want to know how they make you feel and how you would answer to them. Or if that’s too much, just tell me which question caught your eye. I’m curious.



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What a color bomb


Wait it’s just the background that’s colorful.. oops. Ha, did I fool you? No? Okay. I just happen to love black and since I am sticking with that I need to find beautiful places for photo shoots to make these posts worth the read. Luckily Helsinki is full of beautiful architecture so I won’t run out of places where to take pictures (not soon at least). Let’s just say that if you ever see me posting about outfit that does not include anything black, something is not right. Just kidding, I hope spring will bring color into my wardrobe, hehe.





Finland is the place to be when it comes to weater that fools you. I thought it was warm outside when we went to take these pictures, but is was freeeeezing. It wasn’t the best idea to wear ripped jeans, sneakers, bomber jacket and no scarf or gloves. I was 100 percent sure that my hands would fall off my body whilst taking these pictures, gladly they didn’t.

It’s the first time I am wearing my Longchamp backpack when it comes to the pictures that I share in my blog. I don’t know why I am wearing it only now because let’s just face it – it’s gorgeous. I was obsessed with Longchamp bags years ago, but then when Michael Kors bags and other similar brands broke through I found Longchamp tacky. Now when  Longchamp has renewed their collections their bags have made their way back into my life.



Let’s ramble little bit more about the outfit. Since I was wearing brown backpack which I wanted to stand out, I kept my outfit quite simple as always. I pulled on my warmest sweater that matched perfectly with my new sneakers. I got those beauties from River Island’s sale and I am obsessed with them. They are different from the ones that I usually wear (which are Vans and Converse) so you will see them more in the future for sure.

To add the good amount of black I wore my beloved bomber jacket and my new ripped jeans. And what comes to ripped jeans, I am more than happy to be able to wear them again since it’s ‘spring’, they just bring that small twist into the outfit.


Bomber jacket – Bershka // Jeans –Zara // Trainers – River Island // Sweater – BikBok // Backpack – Logchamp 

I hope you enjoyed this post, after weeks of my silence. Thank you if you are sticking with me.



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Life in Helsinki

I have come to an point in my life where I don’t know what I want to do next. I have nice job and an education but that’s not something that I am tempted to do rest of my life. There is so much that this world could offer to me and I feel like it’s time to change the scenery. At the same time I love my country and I love living in Helsinki.

I just read a blog post from Jenny where she listed pros and cons about life in Boston. As a nosy person, I loved reading it. So why not steal the idea heheh? Now or never would be the best time to do a similar post. For myself but also for you who wonder what it’s like to live in Helsinki.


Quick run down of Helsinki

Helsinki is the capital and largest city of Finland but compared to the other world we are teeny tiny. Here you get to discover all seasons, spring and autumn are really beautiful, breezy and colorful here. In winter we’ve got way too much snow and when summer comes everyone basically lives on outdoors because the warmth lasts only few weeks. Also something that’s worth mentioning is that we are the homeland of santa claus. He doesn’t live in Helsinki but I just wanted to put that out there okay..

Cons of Helsinki


Finns in certain are not big small talkers, we like to just mind our own business. We avoid eye contact with everyone as much as we can and in public transports we prefer standing than sitting down next to someone we don’t know. People in Helsinki aren’t always the nicest, we just really like to keep our distance. But if you travel to the northern Finland you will find more hospitable people.

Living here is expensive

The apartments are really expensive here. You need to work your butt off to find  an proper apartment, and even more difficult is to find an apartment that actually matches it’s price.

 Food culture is kind of stuck

Some people really enjoy eating in restaurants but I prefer taking the food with me as I go. In Helsinki you really need to dig deep to find proper take away places. We don’t have stalls and small food places around the city where you can just grab some lunch with you and keep going.

It takes ages for bands and artists to come here

As a music lover, this really bothers me. Even though we are the capital of Finland, really small amount of well known bands and artists tour here. If we want to go and see some big names around the world we need to travel abroad, most likely to Sweden.

Pros of Helsinki

Nature and the sea

We got lots and lots of nature here. No matter where you go, you will always find a forest where to run away if everything gets too much (wink wink). Also half of the Helsinki is kind of surrounded by the sea, which is nice variation from forests.

The size 

I love that Helsinki is not too big or too small. The distances between places aren’t too long so it doesn’t take forever to get from one place to another. Also Helsinki isn’t too crowded. There are still lot of people here so it feels lively but you don’t get lost in a huge crowd of busy people.

It’s really easy to move around Helsinki

We’ve really good public transports here, they will get you wherever you want whenever you want. Also because the average Finns use public transports we don’t need to worry about the traffic here. Of course there is traffic but not anything huge where you need to stand still with your car for ages.

Endless amount of cute coffee/brunch places

When you first come to Helsinki you will just see these huge brands that everyone has around the world like Starbucks, Subway and Vapiano. But if you know where to look you will discover cosy and aesthetically pleasing coffee places with delicious menus.

High level education

Helsinki affords you really good opportunities to study on different levels (university, university of applied sciences, vocational school). Also everything is tuition free here for everyone.

After all Helsinki is a really good place to be but I really crave a life in big city with busy people. Please share your thoughts about the place where you live, I would love to hear what it’s like in other countries and cities!!



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It’s spring o’clock

I can’t even describe how excited I am for spring. It’s definitely my favorite season right after autumn. I love wearing thin black tights and finally the weather is letting me to do that. I don’t have to hide behind million layers anymore, thank god. Even though there is still some snow, as you can see from the pictures, it’s only 0°c and that is good enough for me. (Right now when I am writing this it’s snowing here, but let’s just pretend that it’s not happening okay?)





Bomber jacket – River Island // Dress – New Look // Backpack – Michael Kors // Boots – DinSko

When the season changes I always find myself falling in love with one a specific color and then go over the top buying way too many clothing pieces in that same color. Last autumn I was all over tanned/brown shades and the spring before that I bought way too much mustard. This spring I am all in for khaki… (please tell me I’m not only one with these kind of phases).

I found this bomber jacket online from River Island’s sales. The color caught my eye and it was 70% off so I had to get it even though I didn’t really care for the pins that it has. I thought I could just easily take them off and wear the jacket without them, but little did I know they had made huge holes to the jacket. So no taking pins off. But now when I look at these pictures the pins don’t look that bad after all. They give nice edge for the outfit, woo.




I think this outfit describes my personal style very well. I have combined all my beloved clothing pieces together – black tights, black dress, combat boots, backpack and a bomber jacket. Even though I am always down for jeans, I love wearing dresses if I match them with thin black tights. I will always choose a backpack over a bag, it’s just more me. I also will always stick with my combat boots over any other shoes, no matter how damaged they are. As much as I love long coats and such things, bomber jacket will forever be my first choice. I like that they are comfy but classy and you can match them with literally anything.

So yeah if you wonder what my personal style is, this outfit is very good prototype of it.



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What’s in my makeup bag?


Like most girls I adore makeup and I like putting it on as well as I can. It has taken me a long to actually find the perfect products for my face and skin. Right now I am quite happy with my everyday makeup but I know I will sooner or later have a need to try something new and just replace most of them. When I read beauty blogs I am always open for some good old ‘what’s in my makeup bag’ post because I am such a curious person and I just love to see what other people use on their face in daily basis. So I thought it could be fun peek into my makeup bag and ramble about my favorite products.



Foundation // Powder // Primer // Highlighter pen // Concealer // Under eye concealer // Powder brush – Real Techniques // Foundation brush – Real Techniques  // the black brush is just some random one from drugstore

For me, base is the most important thing when it comes to makeup. If you don’t do that properly nothing looks good in my opinion. I once decided to put little more money into my foundation and powder and I am so glad I did that. Mac studio fix has been my life saver. It gives full coverage with perfect matte finish which is all I could ask for. Mac’s Mineralize skin finish powder is a perfect match to it (obviously). It doesn’t make my face feel baked even though it has amazing coverage too. And since I haven’t praised great coverage enough yet Nars Radiant creamy concealer is worth mentioning for. Let’s just say it does it’s job when it comes to my imperfections.

If you have dark circles around your eyes in daily basis you know how hard it is to hide them. Under eye concealer by Lumene is my another life saver because it actually does something for the dark circles (thank god). I also use a highlighter pen by Dermosil to get better coverage underneath my eye.



 Brow palette // Brow wiz // Brow gel // Eye makeup brush // Trio concealer

Eyebrows have become very important part of my makeup, just like for most of the people nowadays. My hair color is something between blonde and brown so it’s quite easy to find good shade for my eyebrows. I use Clarins brow palette to define my eyebrows and get them in shape. And to fill them in I use a Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills. The pencil is really thin and sharp which makes it easy to use. I absolutely adore it and I am pretty sure that I’ll never find a product that beats it. To get the perfect final touch for my eyebrows, I first define my brow line with the pink shade from the trio concealer by Dermosil then I apply brow gel also by Dermosil. It makes the brows stay in shape and stick with me through the day.



Roller lash

I don’t use eyeshadow or eyeliner in my everyday makeup because honestly I am so bad at doing eye makeup. I only curl my lashes and apply mascara. I have tried quite a few mascaras and Benefit’s Roller Lash is the one that meets my needs. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t have fallout at all.  It also lifts and curls my lashes nicely, not making them sticky.

Lips and highlight


Shimmer blush // Highlighter // Lipstick // Lip liner // Fan brush by kicks

First the lips. I have tried to twist using liquid lipsticks lately because my lips have been so dry for the past few weeks. So currently I am obsessed with this gorgeous lipstick by Maybelline. I use it in a shade Bronzed which is a beautiful light nude color. It’s really soft and creamy on the lips so obviously it doesn’t make them dry at all. Again to get a better final result I use a lip liner by NYX in shade Vanilla Sky. It’s beautiful blonde color and perfect match for the lipstick.

Then last but not least the highlighter. Contour is another thing besides eye makeup that I am not really good at so I don’t bother contouring when it comes to my everyday makeup. I use The Balm’s highlighter to get that pretty glow for my face. If I want to get glow but also little blush on the cheeks I use Benefit’s Shimmer Blush. It’s perfect if you are looking for that natural radiance for your cheeks.

So that was little peek into my makeup bag, hope you found it as interesting to read as it was for me to write. If you are interested to read more about my favorite products you should check out my Winter season lipstick favorites – blog post.



This spring we wear black!


It’s the first day of February and I think it’s safe to say that spring is finally rolling towards us. The days are slowly getting brighter and longer which is salvage for me and my blog. It’s also little warmer nowadays which sadly means a lot of raining. And since I have such a bad luck it was pouring rain when me and my friend went to Helsinki to do a little photo shoot. Gladly you can’t see it from the pictures, but believe me, we were soaked and cold. What wouldn’t I do for some good shots though, hah.






Denim jacket – New Look // Jeans – ginatricot // Boots – DinSko // Backpack – Kånken

Anyway let’s ramble about the outfit little bit! I am currently obsessed with embroidery trend – everything that has floral details in it catches my eye. I personally prefer embroidered flowers on black pieces, they just pop out and get more justice that way. And honestly, when wouldn’t black be a good idea?

When I saw this beautiful black denim jacket on sale (only 20 euros can you believe?) I immediately fell in love with the rose details. I didn’t have to think twice whether to buy it or not. All black outfit was the only thing on my mind when it was time to pick the clothes to go with it. I knew the red roses would stand out anyway. I pulled on black skinny jeans, Kånken backpack and my beloved combat boots and I was good to go. I even had black beanie on but I left it out from the pictures because lets just face it, I looked like an egg with beanie. I was really happy how the pictures turned out. My curls sticked with me through the rain and the outfit looks casual but not boring, yay!

Also since I did a lot of sale shopping besides the jacket, I was wondering would you like to see a haul about everything that I bought? Or is it too boring.. leave a comment below! 



ps. I can’t believe my blog has reached 100 followers! Thank you so much! I know that it’s not a lot for some people but I never thought I would get here haha.

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Breakfast in bed | Overnight oats

Hello lovely people. I am still alive even though there have been a lack of posts lately. I just struggle with my camera so much, I can’t get good quality pictures and it bothers me. I often borrow my friends’ camera but I can’t do that all the time of course. So please try to stick with me until I get new good camera!


Yesterday morning I managed to get some decent pictures of my lovely breakfast. It was one of those perfect mornings when sun is shining and you just feel so fresh and happy. I started my morning by going for a run. It was great decision because the weather was so nice. I didn’t have any other plans for rest of the day than relax and that’s exactly what I did. I had my breakfast in fridge all ready so I just had to make (christmas) tea and grab something to read (which ended up being old ELLE, oops) and then I was all settled to cuddle in bed.

My so called lovely breakfast was overnight oats, and I can tell you that I am not big fan of porridges. I didn’t have high hopes for this breakfast, obviously, but it did surprise me. I don’t think you can even compare overnight oat with porridge because they taste so different. Overnight oats’ texture is more like pudding than porridge and it’s much creamier, and basically it’s just tastier. Also it’s very quick and easy to make. This sounds like some sale speech but seriously I am blown away and dying to share the method with you. So here is five simple steps you need to follow to make delicious overnight oats:

  1. You need 1dl/ one cup of rolled oats.
  2. 1dl/ one cup of your choice of milk or water
  3. 1dl/ one cup of your choice of ‘paste’. For example greek yoghurt, berries, banana or unsweetened coconut.
  4. And for last but not least, to bring some flavor you need one table spoon of cocoa, honey, vanilla sugar, crumbled peanuts, cinnamon or whatever you like.
  5. Then just mix everything properly together and let it rest in fridge for overnight.

My overnight oat consisted rolled oats, milk, chopped banana, cinnamon and pinch of vanilla sugar. On the top I had persimmon. Definitely a worth of trying, believe me.

This is really a simple method to make overnight oats. If you want to take it to another level and make something with more ingredients you can find lots of delicious recipes online, as always nowadays haha.

Hope you had lovely weekend!



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