Fresh smoothie bowls for warm summer days

Fresh smoothie bowls for warm summer days

Smoothie bowls are huge thing on every social media nowadays just because they are so pretty and pleasing for the eye. If you know me at all or follow me on social media you are aware of the fact that I am sucker for everything aesthetic. So of course I had to ditch smoothies in glasses for something this beautiful. Even though I have tried quite a few recipes there is so much more to discover because well you can create pretty much any combo of flavors that your heart desires.

So far I have fell in love with chocolate smoothie bowls, what a shocker, I know. But come on fresh, cold, healthy treat with pinch of chocolate who wouldn’t love that? And now you think I will share a recipe for that but no this post is all about tropical and refreshing smoothie bowls. I think these two recipes that I am about to share are perfect for warm summer mornings. Mango pineapple smoothie bowl for those who look for tropical vibes and strawberry banana smoothie bowl for those who want something little bit more sweet.



Mango pineapple smoothie bowl (serves one)


  • 1 frozen banana
  • 2dl frozen pineapples
  • 2dl frozen mangoes
  • ½ dl coconut milk (or milk of choice)
  • On top: coconut, chia seeds, passion fruit and mango


Add all ingredients to a blender (not toppings of course) and blend until combined. Pour into a bowl and add the toppings that your heart desires.



Strawberry banana smoothie bowl (serves one)


  • 1 frozen banana
  • 2dl frozen strawberries
  • ½ dl coconut milk (or milk of choice)
  • On top: coconut, chia seeds, banana and strawberry slices, dragon fruit


Just like in a smoothie above, add all the ingredients expect toppings to the blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into a bowl and sprinkle with toppings.

Tip: If you want your smoothie to be little bit more sweet add one teaspoon of honey along the ingredients that go to the blender. 

As you can see the recipes are really simple and easy to make, it only takes you five minutes. Hope you give these a try and love them as much as I do!



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Rocking streets with heels

If you follow my blog you might have already noticed that I don’t wear heels. I am sneakers kinda girl, but I do admire heels. Every now and then I really wish I owned a few pairs of heels because lets just face it, some outfits need heels to make them complete. I graduated a year ago and since it was kind of big thing I had to buy heels with my dress. I wore them that one time and then left them to collect dust. Now a year later it was time to take them out and rock the streets with heels.




Block heels – Nelly  //  Jeans – Zara // T-shit – BikBok // Backpack – Zara (similar)

So many bloggers and people in general wear heels in daily basis. They look comfortable  and casual in them. How? I will never know. I personally can wear heels only for couple hours before I am ready to kick them off from my numb feet. But I was ready to take the risk for my blog and just because, well they are gorgeous. I got them from (which in my opinion is one of the best online stores/resellers). I love that they are block heeled and got that casual but chic sandal vibe going on. Also never have I ever thought that I would love dusty pink color.

I think the heels are perfect match for my light blue denims. Those jeans got that street style what describes my personal style very well. I have been a big fan of rips in jeans for a couple years now, I hope they never go out of style. And even if they did I would still wear them since most of my jeans got some sort of rips in them. I don’t know about you but I have struggled to find good pair of mom jeans. They just never fit me nicely. I accidentally found these from sale from Zara (surprise surprise). And have been loving them since, because lets just face it – mom jeans are ‘the thing’ right now.



This outfit is a combination of something that you see on me quite ofthen but also it has a pinch of something that I wear rarely. Honestly this outfit was such a rule breaker for me and I loved it. We will see if I keep this going on for the next posts or fall back to basis.



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Ps. Sorry about the bad quality of some pictures. I have new camera (yay) and I am still figuring out how to use it. Would you like to see a blog post about it or is it too boring?

Sephora haul + first impressions

Sephora haul + first impressions

Over a week ago I did little day trip to Stockholm with my family. We only had a few hours time to wander through our favorite stores but I still managed to spend way too much money. I can’t hold myself back when I step into Sephora, I always walk out with their small and pretty bag. This time I happened to buy quite a few products that I have been dying to have my hands on so I wanted to do little haul to show them for you.


Too Faced Love Flush Long-Lasting Blush

First I want to talk about my new baby, a love flush long-lasting blush by Too Faced. I have always adored these blushes, the packaging is so gorgeous and they have a lot of nice shades. I don’t want my blush to be too pink or too orange, I want it to be perfectly in-between.  I bought it in shade baby love and it was exactly what I wanted. I have never been a big fan of blushes so I don’t have much to compare it with but so far I am loving it. It’s really pigmented so just a small amount gives enough color for my cheeks.


Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer

Let’s stick with Too Faced for little longer. My sister bought their lip primer a while ago and she kept telling me how good it was so I had to give it a try. I’m so glad I bought it because it does it’s job better than I expected. It’s really soft on the lips and oh how much I love the fact that it does not dry my lips. It works really well especially with liquid lipsticks that tend to fade away.


Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss Lipstick

I have seen people hyping over Kat Von D lip products for so long but I have never bought them myself. To be honest, their packaging is just not that nice in my opinion which is why I haven’t paid more attention to them. I left all those thoughts behind and bought their Studded Kiss Lipstick in shade Lovegraft. I loved the shade when I swatched it to my hand at Sephora but when I got home and tried it on I  was just so disappointed. The color changed on my lips, it had plumish tone more than nudeish (which I expected it to be). The color is really gorgeous still, I just don’t know if I will ever use it.


Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

I also took home Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in shade double dare. It makes my lips dry but it’s worth it because it lasts trough the whole day. I am really happy how it looks on my lips even though it has some orange vibes (something I usually don’t go for).


Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer 

And for the last but not least my favorite concealer. I have tried quite a few concealers and none of them work for my skin as well as this one. It covers my imperfections and it’s really easy to blend in. One small con about it is that it runs out really quickly which means I have to buy new one quite often. That ain’t good for my wallet.

That is enough beauty rambling for today. I am really happy with everything that I got even though the Kat Von D lipstick was not perfect success. Thank you if you stopped by! Have a lovely weekend!



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Let’s talk Instagram – how to craft beautiful feed

Let’s talk Instagram – how to craft beautiful feed

Feed is a word that’s on everyone’s lips when it comes to Instagram. When you click someones profile first thing you see is their overall feed. If it’s visually appealing you will more likely hit the follow button. So Basically your nine most recent pictures tell everything about your Instagram. But of course the big picture matters too.

I every now and then get asked about my Instagram feed, how I edit my pictures and  how I keep it in shape. Questions like that put big smile on my face because it shows that someone actually pays attention to my outcome. My feed is all about brownish and neutral shades and (right now) pinch of blue. I want my pictures to have good quality. So   yes, I do put effort to my feed which is why I wanted to do a little guide for better and prettier Instagram feed.

My Instagram – ughmango

Light is everything

Taking pictures with natural light leads to pictures with good quality. Don’t try to take them late in the evening when the sun has already set, you will more likely end up with dark and blurry pictures. If you get a vision for perfect picture right before you are going to bed, just simply wait for the next day. Your feed will thank for it later.


For years I didn’t use filters. I didn’t know how to use editing apps and filters so it just felt more natural to leave them all out. But couple months ago I wanted to take the next step and try out a feed with filter. The most important thing about filters is to not overuse them. Pick the amount of how much you want to use one filter (usually you can adjust it) and stick with the same amount in every picture. Pick few filters that you want to use and that match together, even though there is so much pretty ones out there do not try to use them all at the same time.  And remember that not all of your pictures need to include filter, some are perfect the way they are.



Backgrounds matter

If you want to take a picture of something really simple like your lipstick, the background is just as important as the lipstick. If the background is ‘busy’, full of color that usually does not show in your feed or shadowy it’s just won’t work out. Take your time and search for background that is visually pleasing. White wall is always a good idea. Also buying few surfaces won’t harm anyone. I for example own something marble and something wooden that I use as backgrounds.

Follow a theme

When I go out to take pictures it’s easy for me to search for a spot or wall that matches my feed. I know what colors match my feed and what kind of pictures will fit in. Just set few rules for yourself that you will follow with your feed. For example pick few colors that you will stick to, not all your pictures need to have those tones included, just make sure they appear often enough to keep the feed wrapped together. I’m personally not into colorful feeds, but some people handle matching lots of colors together so well which makes their Instagram look amazing.


Plan your feed

I have created private Instagram account to make sure that my next picture matches with my feed. Some people think this is too much but I find it really comforting. If I have lots of new pictures that are waiting to be posted I can just simply plan their publishing order. It also helps you to see if the picture that you are about to post has the same color tone as your former ones.

Let your feed live on

Don’t try to force something that’s just not working out anymore. If there is a theme you have stick to for ages but your resent pictures just don’t seem to fit in anymore, let it go. Your feed should live on just like you do.


But most importantly love what you post

There will always be pictures that just won’t match your feed no matter how much you want them to. But that should be the case only every now and then. You need to be into the pictures you are posting since it’s your Instagram. And people will see through you if you post something to just fit in. Find your inspiration.

A trick to make a picture that just won’t fit in match with your feed: Use black&white filter. It always works out. 


Hope this was at least a little helpful. And please remember that these are things that matter to me when it comes to Instagram, I know they are not important to everyone. Comment below what is your key to successful Instagram feed and please share more tips to craft beautiful pictures.





I have adored Monki’s clothes since the day it arrived to finland. I love how they stand up for mixing together whatever you want to wear, and their clothes just put a smile on your face. Monki never let’s me down, every time I step into their store I walk out with something nice that I couldn’t resist buying. And I happen to have a friend who is the same (lucky me).

A while ago she discovered a competition from Monki’s Instagram where they wanted people to share pictures with friends using a tag #monkistyletwinning. And of course, as a huge Monki lovers we wanted to take part of it. It wasn’t too hard to find matching pieces from our wardrobes. Heh heh. The pictures we took turned out really nice and pretty so I had to share them here too.




Twinning trousers – Monki

Give some love to our competition pictures here if you like, ughmango (my picture) vilmahautecouture (my friend’s picture).



15 questions that will make you think

“The question is just as important as the answer”

I thought it was time to write something else, something really different from what I usually write here in my blog. I don’t know where this idea actually came from but I thought it would be fun to write a blog post that will make everyone think a little. There are lot of hard questions out there that we prefer to ignore. We might be afraid of our answers or we just simply don’t want to put time in thinking about our deepest thoughts. Well sometimes it’s good to just pause everything and and give yourself some time to simmer down. So here are fifteen questions, that will make you take a minute and think about you, your life, people around you and the world.

And yes I know some of you will just quickly scroll down the questions, but that’s okay because the ones that need to stand out for you will do, for sure.

  1. What is love to you?
  2. Do you usually follow your heart or your head?
  3. Are you holding onto something that you need to let go of?
  4. Do animals have less fear because they live without words?
  5. Will tomorrow be just another day?
  6. Are you living your life or having a life?
  7. Is trust more important than love?
  8. If karma was coming back to you, would it help you or hurt you?
  9. When did your heart last ‘skip a beat’?
  10. Do you push elevator button more than once? Do you really believe it makes the elevator faster?
  11. Have you been the kind of friend you want as a friend?
  12. Why does pizza come in square box?
  13. Should you be focused on today or tomorrow?
  14. What lies do you most often tell yourself?
  15. Decisions are being made all the time, the question is are you making them for yourself or are you letting others make them for you?

Please share your thoughts because I really want to know how they make you feel and how you would answer to them. Or if that’s too much, just tell me which question caught your eye. I’m curious.



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What a color bomb

What a color bomb


Wait it’s just the background that’s colorful.. oops. Ha, did I fool you? No? Okay. I just happen to love black and since I am sticking with that I need to find beautiful places for photo shoots to make these posts worth the read. Luckily Helsinki is full of beautiful architecture so I won’t run out of places where to take pictures (not soon at least). Let’s just say that if you ever see me posting about outfit that does not include anything black, something is not right. Just kidding, I hope spring will bring color into my wardrobe, hehe.





Finland is the place to be when it comes to weater that fools you. I thought it was warm outside when we went to take these pictures, but is was freeeeezing. It wasn’t the best idea to wear ripped jeans, sneakers, bomber jacket and no scarf or gloves. I was 100 percent sure that my hands would fall off my body whilst taking these pictures, gladly they didn’t.

It’s the first time I am wearing my Longchamp backpack when it comes to the pictures that I share in my blog. I don’t know why I am wearing it only now because let’s just face it – it’s gorgeous. I was obsessed with Longchamp bags years ago, but then when Michael Kors bags and other similar brands broke through I found Longchamp tacky. Now when  Longchamp has renewed their collections their bags have made their way back into my life.



Let’s ramble little bit more about the outfit. Since I was wearing brown backpack which I wanted to stand out, I kept my outfit quite simple as always. I pulled on my warmest sweater that matched perfectly with my new sneakers. I got those beauties from River Island’s sale and I am obsessed with them. They are different from the ones that I usually wear (which are Vans and Converse) so you will see them more in the future for sure.

To add the good amount of black I wore my beloved bomber jacket and my new ripped jeans. And what comes to ripped jeans, I am more than happy to be able to wear them again since it’s ‘spring’, they just bring that small twist into the outfit.


Bomber jacket – Bershka // Jeans –Zara // Trainers – River Island // Sweater – BikBok // Backpack – Logchamp 

I hope you enjoyed this post, after weeks of my silence. Thank you if you are sticking with me.



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